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    By Bishop Declan Lang
    Two years ago Ahmed Rajib Haider, a prominent atheist blogger was ambushed as he left his home in Dhaka and brutally murdered by a gang wielding […]

    • A sober reminder of what the religious do when they think they really are in charge.

      I wouldn’t normally support the Catholic Church, and there is a whiff of: If we don’t say something we’re next, about their role in Bangladesh.

      Even so, credit where credit is due. Well done to the Catholics of Bangladesh, and thank you.


    • The Catholic Bishops’ Conference of Bangladesh publicly denounced the
      murders as attacks on religious tolerance and freedom of expression,
      strongly criticising the government’s failure to offer protection for
      those whose lives were at risk.

      Just see what happens when Catholics are in the majority. A good example is Latin America.

    • It’s a shame this lofty ideal did not arise during the Inquisition, but … better late than never!