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    By Phil Plait

    Oh good, I get to write yet another article about factually challenged fearmongering nonsense.


    Quite a few people on […]

    • @OP – So the article in the Sun is just a pile of steaming nonsense.

      As as NASA commentator would put it:-

      *All systems nominal”! – for this sort of scientifically illiterate, tabloid reporting!

    • @OP – Cycles of extinctions have been claimed before, but they’re pretty hard to prove. The fossil record is spotty, and it’s hard to get absolute dates for them.

      Cycles of climate change and ice ages on Earth are well known, but orbital periods and resonances in the outer Solar-System, are seriously long term events, even in astronomical or geological time!!

    • When I was at college many years ago we used to have a sarcastic way of describing this type of ‘news’ story.
      We would say “Must be true, I read it in the Sun!”

      In other words “It’s complete B*** S***”

      Just saying it was published in the Sun is enough to debunk the whole story.

      There was also a ‘thing’ called ‘The Sunday Sport’ that printed articles like the story about the B52 found on the moon. Think it was supposed to be the same as one that had disappeared in the Bermuda Triangle some years earlier.