• Dan Dredger wrote a new post, UK warns gay travellers about US anti-LGBT laws 4 years, 3 months ago

    By BBC News
    The UK government has warned gay and transgender travellers to be careful in the US due to legislation in North Carolina and Mississippi.
    “The US is an extremely diverse society and attitudes toward […]

    • When a country like America is subject to travel warnings from Western allies, its probably a wake up call that somethings have gone awry. I think this is yet more evidence that America has isolated itself from the rest of the world since WW2, when it was top dog and didn’t need to listen to anyone.

      Meanwhile around the rest of the civilized world, LGBTI issues have been sorted out and found to be non issues. A compounding factor in this story is the persistence of strong christian religious dogma, which again has dissipated in the rest of the civilized world. Combine these two issues, self righteous religious people with a closed mind to LGBTI issues and science and you get uncivilized and crazy laws like this one, which pose a threat to LGBTI people who tour these states.

      A warming properly issued for all the right reasons.

      America needs to rapidly catch up with what is now the civilized baseline for free western democracies.

    • David R Allen
      I liked your comment but I think the religious dogma is not just a compounding factor it the by far and a way the main source of the bigotry and justification for it. It’s no coincidence that these laws are being enacted in the south – home to evangelical president hopeful Ted Cruz who recently shook the hands of a man who he had watched moments earlier call for for gay people to be executed.
      Not that this is confined to evangelical christianity – you can see similar attitudes in the eastern orthodox church of Russia, much of Africa and most Islamic states. The poison that creates this mindset is as ever religion. The justification for persecution since time immemorial.

    • “The US is an extremely diverse society….”

      What a totally weird way to excuse the knuckle-draggers causing the stupid warning in the first place!!
      Bigotry and ignorance are most definitely NOT “diversity”. Good grief, the haters are getting a pass– again!

    • Oh dear. But probably best to use the less regressive acronym GBT or just PLU (people like us – including everyone into sexual pluralism).