• Dan Dredger wrote a new post, Anti-Trans Discrimination Is Sex Discrimination 4 years, 2 months ago

    By Garrett Epps

    First the American Civil Liberties Union and now the U.S. Justice Department have concluded that North Carolina’s bathroom bill, H.B.2, is illegal and probably unconstitutional as well. Most p […]

    • @OP – A defender of the bill would argue, first, that it doesn’t discriminate against anyone—it only requires bathrooms at a state office or school “to be designated for and only used by persons based on their biological sex,” which is defined as “the physical condition of being male or female, which is stated on a person’s birth certificate.”

      This is simply a flawed semantic definition which fails to recognise the biological range of sexuality!

      All men, as the state defines the term, must use the men’s room, and all women, as the state defines the term, must use the women’s room—

      And all transgender individuals will be forced by a flawed semantic definition, to use rooms which could be very inappropriate.

      the essence of equality.

      Nope! Omitting to make provision for a section of the population and legislating to force them to use inappropriate facilities because of the bigoted ignorance of legislators, is NOT “equality”.

      Separate facilities, or unisex wash-rooms as provided for the disabled, would be “equal provision”!

    • “The Civil Rights Act doesn’t make any reference to…” might mean that it is OK in the eyes of the law, but it also means that the Act is out of date.

      The easiest solution, as briefly mentioned by the esteemed Alan4discussion above, is do away with the antiquated and sometimes annoying idea of separate bathrooms. Stalls are private anyway; mingling while washing your hands shouldn’t be a problem.

    • I found this photograph absolutely compelling. This is what would happen if this law was brought into force. I commend the article to the readers. A transgender child with male genitalia that is female in reality, will be forced to walk into the men’s bathroom looking like this.

      This religiously inspired stupidity is about as uncivilized as human being can get in 2016.