• Dan Dredger wrote a new post, Why We Keep Dreaming of Little Green Men 4 years, 3 months ago

    By George Johnson
    Conspiracy theorists tend to cluster at the right and left of the political spectrum, so perhaps Hillary Clinton will attract at least a few voters from both the Trump and Sanders camps with her […]

    • @OP – There was no mention of extraterrestrials, of course.
      What else are our leaders, who may be aliens themselves, going to say?

      Alien leaders’ humanoid puppet clones, are obviously still at the dodgy experimental prototype stage!

      No rational person, could consider the bio-engineering of Trump as a finished product, even though that model clearly attracts some human support and obedience!!! 🙂

    • Hmm…no mention of the ultimate conspiracy: Agenda 21?

      On a separate note, hows come the CTers don’t connect the dots on their god creating everything in the universe–including those little green guys?

    • If Mrs. Clinton is serious and releases files on Area 51 — those, she adds, that do not breach the country’s security — the result will probably be anticlimactic. More fuel for the conspiracy theorists.


      what else could happen? even if these files included film footage of a troupe of captured aliens putting on a performance of Oklahoma for the squaddies the only possible result would be to claim it’s a fake to cover up something even more insane.

      Anyone with a mindset that dictates lack of evidence = proof of cover up is incapable of ever being satisfied no matter how much their demands are met. Lets face it, they may not be aware but they are playing a fantasy game that only works because it’s make-believe.

      I really do wish there was a cover up, and that earth has been visited by aliens who evolved to look like something a human could dress up as and the government covered it up just to say to these wing nuts; “oh no, you were right all along! so what shall we do now mr alien expert..?”

      There’s comfort in playing the helpless but ultimately all-knowing underdog. That’s how all religion starts

    • From the New York Times.

      That would be one of those companies that wants you to pay for the news, right?