• By Julian Benson

    A bug in Elite Dangerous caused the game’s AI to create super weapons and start to hunt down the game’s players. Developer Frontier has had to strip out the feature at the heart of the problem, […]

    • Developer Frontier has had to strip out the feature at the heart of
      the problem, engineers’ weaponry, until the issue is fixed.

      Why? If this was CCP (The developers of EvE Online) they would have left it in as a feature.

      Being pulled out of warp by interdiction bubbles by players is never fun, being pulled out of warp by an NPC, now that’s got to be something special, my inner gamer would love CCP to put this as a feature for their Sleeper NPCs.

      Interdiction bubbles disrupt the warp field of a ship. 🙂

    • The NPC’s could already use interdiction bubbles to pull players out of warp. The problem was the the NPC’s were using weapon upgrades that were impossible, such as a Particle Accelerators that fire as often as multicannons without overheating, or Railguns firing multiple shots at once like a frag cannon.

    • So much non sense in one article. Why didn’t author even tried to verify facts? AI did’t create weapons and didn’t hunt players. It did same stupid things it always does, however weapons were affected by bug in pointer arithmetic…

    • Does make any sense to anyone?

    • So the missing piece of this story is that, while the AI /did/ have access to Engineer-improved weapons, a bug allowed them to mix-n-match weapon capabilities in a way a player cannot. For example, an AI ship could have a conventionally slow-firing weapon able to fire at the rate of a Multi-Cannon. This was clearly a bug and not at all as intended.

    • Yeah it is totally not bull seeing as I had my Python refunded to me by the developers after I showed them a clip of a plasma frag multi cannon from the business end