• By Simon Brown

    David Barton is still David Barton, which means the Religious Right’s favorite fake historian is once again distorting facts to suit his own agenda.

    Last week, Barton appeared on a r […]

    • @OP – link – Perhaps Barton is jealous of true scholars because he isn’t actually a part of the academic community – his only credential is an undergraduate degree in Christian education from Oral Roberts University. Let’s be clear about this: Barton is not a historian.

      The people Barton lashed out at are the real historians or other academics who discredit his work and do damage to his reputation. He’s understandably upset about that.

      Ignorant deluded fundamentalists fight off constructive criticism from more educated people!
      How else would they be able to remain ignorant deluded fundamentalists, if they up-dated their knowledge and corrected their errors!

      @OP – Last week, Barton appeared on a right-wing radio program . . . . . . . . . .
      The segment got off to a rocky start as the show claimed Barton was once named by Time magazine as “America’s Historian.” It turns out that never happened. Not even close. In 2005, Barton was named by the magazine as one of the 25 most influential evangelicals in America, but nowhere in that article did the publication bestow any sort of title on him.

      Ah well! Evangelicals could never tell the difference between mythical folk tales and history anyway!

    • Fundamentalists are only too happy to use secular sources such as Time (even if they misrepresent what it says) to enhance their credibility when it suits their purposes but castigate them as The Liberal Media or some such nonsense when those same sources don’t say what they want them to say.

    • “Fake historian” love the term. I suppose that could also be another name for a creationist…. could it not? I struggle with language as in the above, “…. degree in christian education”, where is the credibility in the credential? Does it mean that he studied christianity so much he was awarded a degree from a university? And where would that be transferrable to, other than another christian based institute? How did Time determine he was in the top 25 out of lets say for round figures, 5,000 evangelists? Was there a contest of some sort? Maybe by how much loot they harvested from people…. Maybe by how many hours of face time on TV…. How many magazine covers bought…. Just being my curious self.

    • Is it not odd that someone would lie and cheat to promote what they considered a moral system?

      It is as though they don’t really believe what they are promoting is holy, true or good. They promote it for some dark motive, perhaps financial.

    • @Roedy #4,
      Not odd at all: if there are those who would blow themselves up in order to kill others, as part of what they consider a moral system, then a little light lying and cheating is easily done.
      It’s “means justify ends” thinking. A little stretching of the truth, to earn me some more money, so I can save a few more souls… bargain! One life against many of the enemy and a propaganda coup… a fair trade.

      What they all lack is the wisdom expressed in the saying “you cannot do good by doing evil”.