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    Certainly, the end of this year’s Ramadan will go down as one of the century’s bloodiest.  First Istanbul; then, Dhaka, rounded off by Baghdad, Qatif, Medina, and Jeddah.  It’s not who […]

    • Thus the go-to of “blame Islam” is a silver bullet that will slay no monsters

      As all religions islam’s time will come to an end and the end will be the islamic analogue of universal unitarianism, not so much a religion as a social club. The monsters will be slayed in time because time grows too short for such silliness as is religion. I think these people think a few tweaks and islam will be acceptable. Those holding the power in this religion may have other ideas.

      All religions are insane, some are a little bit more insane than others.

    • Ramadan needs immediate reform.

      Every exemption allowed by the Koran and other sacred texts needs to be encouraged and required. Presently they are ignored.

      Everyone in the medical field needs to explain the dangers to health involved with the degree of fasting and nutritional deprivation that is required by the current religious rules of Ramadan.

      One thousand years ago this type of fasting and deprivation were a form of high entertainment and tribal solidarity. Now, it’s just primitive, frightening iron age barbarism.

      If the Christians could reduce Lent down to the lowest common denominator then my hope is that the Muslims can do the same. Give up chocolate for a week and give a hundred dollars to charity. The world will be a better place for it.

    • Pinball

      Yes I agree. A month of extreme fasting was obviously designed with a pastoral way of life in mind. Perhaps it was fine back in the Arabian desert of olden days to sleep until noon, lay around until sunset doing nothing and then stuff one’s face to the point of bursting and dance the night away, and all of this for a whole month solid!! But how and why has this persisted into the twenty first century? I can tell you from observations that the entire country of Algeria basically shuts down for that month. From my American perspective (ok I know, I know, we’re frothing at the mouth Capitalists!) the entire country seems to be on a month long slothful good for nothing vacation. No wonder the entire place is a century behind the times. Get to work!!!

      My criticisms of this “holiday” go nowhere with these believers. You know what they say right back to me: Slave driver American! All you people care about is money!!!

      That’s why I stick to the medical risks they are taking by believing charlatans who tell them that it’s medically beneficial to give the old digestive tract a good old purge and clean it right out! My answer to that is “Clean what out of it? If only you’d stop drinking motor oil like I told you to then you wouldn’t need to clean yourself out!”

      But seriously, no food or water or anything else from sun up to sun down, for a month is very ill advised. Let’s get a whole class of people claiming medical exemptions – as some of them are legitimately offered, and then you’ll see others who will realize that there are ways around this sort of barbaric ritual and they will jump on the bandwagon. It’s only human nature.

      No children, no pregnant women, no one over the age of 50, no diabetics, no kidney compromised people, no low blood pressure types, etc. etc. You see where I’m going with this. I don’t think there is anything unreasonable in my suggestion.

    • That was an interesting read. I wonder though how after describing so many self-defeating beliefs and behaviors the author concludes that Islam is “so temptingly self-serving”. Where’s the temptation in all that again?

    • “Truth is the intellectual wealth of the world. Truth is known by investigation, experiment and reason. Not belief. To love the truth is mental virtue. That is true bravery. That is freedom. To throw away your reason at the command of churches, popes, parties, kings or gods is to be a surf, a slave. Therefore it is not simply right, but the duty of every man to think, and experiment for themselves, and any man who attempts to prevent this by force or fear is trying to do everything he can to degrade and enslave his fellow man.”

      R Ingersoll.

      All religions are human constructs.

      The worship of anything other than love, knowledge and nature is profoundly degrading.

      I think this particular death cult of Jihadism is similar to that in Japan with its Kamikase pilots.

      Japan posed an existential threat to the world outside it, ISIS does not, and will bring about its own extinction if contained.

      There are far too many other more important problems to solve in the world to waste time interfering in centuries old family feuds which are causing self inflicted wounds among those indulging themselves in them.

    • Another ISIS inspired massacre in the city of Nice, on Bastille day. At least 75 killed by some lunatic who drove a truck into a crowd.

      No comment. (What is there to say except wipe the sons of bitches off the face of the earth? Hate does breed hate. I am feeling hate, or something very close to it, right now. Not proud of that; just stating a self-observation.)

    • BBC is reporting that there is a coup underway in Turkey. Secularists were mentioned as a possibility of the military group involved. Could it be true?

    • I was too quick to say that the massacre in Nice was “ISIS inspired.” (Comment #8)

      Almost anyone would be better than that schnook Erdogan. Let’s hope it is a secular group. My hunch is that it is.

    • Impossible to understand who is in control there

    • Take my “hunch” with a grain of salt. I haven’t a clue what’s going on there. I was trying to be positive.