• By Hemant Mehta

    As I posted back in April, I’ve heard of students being told they had to stand for the Pledge of Allegiance even though they legally don’t have to. But I’ve rarely seen the adults at a schoo […]

    • As an evangelical Christian, I find it ironic that non-believers get treated badly when they do not take part in the Pledge of Allegiance. Early Christians refused to take part in ceremonies intended to venerate the Emperor and paid a heavy price. The same kind of slurs about patriotism were made about them too. Wouldn’t you think we would have learned something from that?

    • Hi David, good to see you here. Yes, you make a very good point. One that you could probably bring to the attention of your community much better than anyone else posting here. I hope you do. Despite disbelieving and more importantly disliking(*) the entire world-view of Christianity, especially the evangelical variety, I see there are some strong moral pointers in the teachings, most of which seem to be blatantly ignored in the day to day behavior of the more vocal devotees, especially those in any kind of position of authority. I do hope you can make a difference, pointing out this “irony”.

      (*) dislike is too mild a term, but I can’t find a better one that wouldn’t seem impolite. Thank you for your post.