• By Zack Ford

    Many signs have suggested that the Christian right has largely given up on pushing for ex-gay therapy. From the closing of Exodus International to the Southern Baptist Convention admonishing the […]

    • Roedy replied 4 years ago

      The very idea of a therapy to change sexual orientation is very unchristian. Gays are cursed and hated by god for reasons clear only to Himself. You should not be able to escape his wrath with something as simple as ex-gay therapy.

    • @Roedy

      I think you hit the nail on the head here. By their own book conversion therapy is out and death is in, so again we see the cheery picking going on to conform to secular constraints. In both testaments gays are not to be converted but they are cast out.

      Of course religious ignorance of biology plays a big part here.

    • This man coming out is undoubtedly a courageous act. I visualize him, surrounded by single minded (read: narrow minded) people. Now, he is (IMO) complicit in choosing who he affiliates with…. who he married… his choice to father children…. his choice to be christian….. his choice to front a christian rock band…… his choice to wear the black buttoned up shirt pictured in the OP….
      What was, however, not his choice, was/is to be a homosexual man. I admire his courage and support/applaud his standing up. His “choices” up to then…. not so much.

      As a side comment, my favorite “homosexual coming out guy in a band” story has to be the guy who fronted Judas Priest.

      I probably have the story wrong (because of journalistic sensationalism), but… The rest of the band evidently was completely taken off guard and kicked him out. Mind you, at the time he was wearing assless rubber chaps, a policeman’s hat, and holding a riding crop!!! (This last part I invented)…

      Or, no, maybe it was when American Radio stations actively boycotted Queen’s music because…. ready for this?…. They found out that Freddy Mercury was gay… NO!! Not the guy fronting a band called QUEEN!!!

      Or, legend has it, Johnny Cash not wanting Elton John to appear on the SNL episode that he was hosting. Elton had his band dress all in black and they played “Captain Fantastic and the brown dirt cowboy”…

      I fucking love when someone raises a righteous middle finger… Probably why Zappa resonates with me so much (probably why Richard Dawkins resonates with me as well).