• By Chris Mooney

    In an ambitious study that represents the latest merger between big data approaches and the quest to conserve the planet, scientists have found that across a majority of the Earth’s land surf […]

    • anti-brexit articles are overflowing with comments
      why not this one?
      our “breaking” with the natural world is far more tragic than any eu bust up

    • quarecuss #2
      Jul 21, 2016 at 10:41 am

      anti-brexit articles are overflowing with comments

      The problems created by brexit COULD be fixed within a matter of months, by intelligent action from a few hundred politicians with expert advice and the guts to tell some fools what they do not want to hear.

      This is particularly foolish as reality is bound to hit the fools within a year or three anyway, and the song will change from “three-cheers for brexit”, to “Why didn’t anyone tell us?”!

      why not this one?

      This one requires management of worldwide ecosystems with international regulations which environmental scientists have been warning leaders about for decades.
      Those focussed only on fast money, are not interested in listening, and will continue to be not be interested in listening, for as long as politicians allow them privileged luxury life-styles as a reward for their reckless exploitation and damage to the planet.

    • Comment #3 Alan

      Looking at the ability of politicians to cope with EU reform or brexit makes me think we have no chance when it comes to biodiversity and climate change the whole thing is just too complex for our political systems to deal with.

      All it will take now is for Trump to be elected and we’ll be finished.

      Sorry if going a bit off topic.