• By Isabel Kershner and James Glanz
    For many Israelis, the horrifying images of a truck plowing through crowds for more than a mile in the French resort town of Nice struck a macabrely familiar chord.
    “We had t […]

    • He also suggested that the French police were complacent, referring to news reports that the driver in Nice had told officers he was delivering ice cream. “If the driver says he has ice cream, open the truck and check if he has ice cream,” Mr. Perry said.

      Any conformation of this? Seems a rather large truck to deliver ice cream.

      Regardless, I don’t think any Western democracy will ramp up security to the level seen in Israel.

    • eejit replied 4 years ago

      I don’t want to seem churlish, and life in Israel must be terrible for everyone, but don’t they understand that if they were less revanchist, less violent in their responses, more conciliatory to their neighbours, more respecting of the mutual humanity which they share with the Arabs, and above all, if they would try to recognise, understand and atone for the wrong which they did, and continue to do, to the Palestinians, perhaps over time, the unending cycle of outrage, suppression and revenge, might begin to unwind.

    • eejit

      I don’t your comment was churlish. It seems pretty straightforward that they could have done the right thing decades ago and set up the two state solution according to the UN but they had to keep grabbing land, scuttling the negotiations, establishing illegal settlements and treating the Palestinians as less than dogs.

      Check the UN voting record on Israeli human rights violations and you’ll have the explanation of why that part of the world hates the UN and considers it to be a tool of the US as it allows zionist Israelis carte blanche to continue their atrocities. The USA blocks every measure that criticizes Israel. This is disgusting.

      Sure they have a killer security force! If someone wants to steal a whole country away from another people then I guess they’ll need a bunch of psychopaths in government and an army of young people who are indoctrinated to believe that their God wants them to murder the dirty, less than human indigenous inhabitants that are in their way. That’ll be the day that I ever admire the security of Israel. Never.

      Everything that Israel has done to the Palestinians is being used to recruit mass numbers of bitter young people to fight against the Western states that have sheltered Israel as it wreaks havoc on their fellow Muslims. Their religion lays out a well defined roadmap to how revenge should be taken. A perfect storm.

      I want to say that the behavior in the past decades of the state of Israel is NOT in the best interests of their Muslim victims and it is also NOT in the best interests of the Israeli Jews and I fear that Jews in other countries will be adversely affected too. I don’t want any of that to happen.

    • Dan replied 4 years ago

      The Israelis treat the Palestinians as if the Palestinians were ghetto Jews. Irony of ironies.

      “You know, the older you get, the more you begin to depend upon irony as the last human element you can rely on. Whatever exists will, sooner or later, be turned inside out.” —Norman Mailer

    • Somehow I find myself recalling Harry Harrison’s “Deathworld”, whenever Israel/Palestine is mentioned.