• By Ron Kampeas

    Debbie Wasserman Schultz, the Democratic National Committee chairwoman, will not speak at the convention this week, reportedly because of the revelation of emails revealing tensions between the […]

    • Dan replied 4 years ago

      This whole election is creeping me out. “Liar, criminal, lock her up”. You have a true monster, Mr. Trump. Now the Sanders supporters are up in arms about… Well nothing. The system wasn’t rigged against Sanders. What is Wiki leaks? Who do they represent? Kaine, who was a DNC chair under Obama, put it well when he sad: “And of course the DNC and the RNC , or any political organization, has members with opinions and candidates that they prefer, but having a candidate one prefers is very different than affecting the outcome.” Sanders himself didn’t seem to think it was a big deal and neither did his campaign manager. But the Bernie-or-bust crowd are acting like our ancestors did; they want a leader. So I imagine a few of them won’t vote Democratic, and keep the country moving in the right direction – and they may get what they unconsciously want, a leader. A bunch of ideological babies.

      Question for Alan or anyone who knows about evolution: Did any of our early ancestors have leaders? When did that begin?

    • I’m sorry, but the Bernie or Bust crowd (NOT to be confused with true Sanders supporters who understand his current support of HRC) aren’t much better than the bigoted Trump supporters. And they do a disservice to Bernie’s grassroots campaign. They play right into the hands of those who think they want everything handed to them. Sarah Silverman (a huge Bernie supporter) said it best when she addressed this mob directly: “To the ‘Bernie-or-bust’ people: You’re being ridiculous”. They are hypocrites who hung on to his every word…when it was exactly what they wanted to hear. Now their idol has “turned on them”. Pffft. Grow the F up people. This election is between a flawed but highly experienced politician and a flawed, entirely inexperienced trust fund demagogue who speaks for almost no one and who has somehow convinced the common man (via a barely disguised Houdini act as a semi thoughtful human being) that he magically knows what to do about, well, everything. As I posted elsewhere yesterday, Gary Johnson will not be elected President. Jill Stein will not be elected President. The genuine growth of a third party (Sanders platform) will be based on actually winning elections at the lower levels and building a base of support locally. Random performance in presidential elections is not the crux of the effort. So the value of a vote for someone either than the two primary candidates is negligible. Vote for the one who BEST represents your values. To me it’s an exceedingly easy decision.

    • Dan replied 4 years ago

      Steven, Hi,

      Would you be so kind as to check out the article posted on the Trump Didn’t Mention thread (26) and tell me if you agree with my assessment? (Comments 27, 28) It’s important. There is a strong resurgence of a bizarre and distorted form of Libertarianism out there. These lost souls are drawn to Trump. That is very dangerous, as Libertarianism is no longer just rugged individualism (Little House on the Prairie style); it means corporate tyranny with no regulations or accountability.

      Thanks, Alan (and Steven).

    • Dan replied 4 years ago

      Ah, I thought so. —Assange, the founder of Wiki Leaks is a market libertarian. I believe that means corporate tyranny, no regulations or accountability. Savagery. Consider the source.

    • Hi Dan. I’ll read the article when I get a moment. In the meantime I agree with all of your Trump related comments in #27 as any rational person should.

    • Dan replied 4 years ago

      Thanks. It’s a short article. That article was very disturbing. These writers (like Drew Philip) are tricky. (They are good at that: the art of manipulative journalism.) I can’t know for sure where they’re coming from, would appreciate your confirmation. Pretty sure it’s market libertarianism (free market fundamentalism) disguised.

      A friend of mine just wrote to me, had this to say:

      “It’s the same thing with this bell bottom flamboyant granola head I know in L. A. She has a cool Janis Joplin vibe and she is the archetypal shallow-dreamy, artistic, Cali girl (“bitchin dude”). I think it’s a ruse. I think she wants to throw me off by ranting about ISIS because she will secretly vote for trump, and because she thinks Mexicans will steal her expensive cars and Hillary will raise her taxes. I am not fooled by her tai dye scarves and purple specs.”

    • @Alan4discussion

      Wolf packs are led by an alpha pair.

      The breeding pair. The pack is a family. Wolves are a social species as opposed to coalition species. The pack are the pups of the breeding pair generally and from one to two years of age. Before they go on to start packs of their own.

      The democratic party is a coalition without a dominant alpha figure to bind the party together. At least not yet.

    • Dan replied 4 years ago


      A quick note: I was wrong about the article, had my head up my you-know-what. (Stress.)

      Talk to you soon.

    • A foreigner’s view – and in case anyone reading this wants to start a flame war over some damned foreigner sticking his nose in, I have an American grandson and what happens in November affects him directly, and, eventually, the rest of us, out here in the world. I’m qualified to stick my two cents’ worth in.

      I’ve been following US Presidential campaigns since the time of JFK and I have never seen a campaign like this one. It has exploited everything that is rotten in the American make-up. Trump has focused on the fear and paranoia that have become endemic in the US since 9/11 – the fear and paranoia were always there, just under the surface, but after the twin towers went down, it burst out on to the surface and has been there ever since.

      America is a society that lives in fear, especially of each other. The fear creates knee-jerk reactions – for example: every time there is a mass shooting somewhere in America, gun sales go up. No attempt to control the problem is tolerated, instead, it just gets worse. It’s like trying to put out a fire by throwing petrol on it.

      Trump plays to that fear with his appalling style of public speaking. He makes no attempt to address issues in detail, instead, concentrating on sound bites – “make America great again!” or “build a wall!” – that whip his adoring crowds to a frenzy. I don’t know if the media reports that we are receiving in this part of the world have been cherry-picked for all the good bits, but I have never once heard Trump say anything even remotely intelligent – and he’s allowed to get away with it. If he’s caught out on a mistake, or a downright lie, he just shrugs it off. His contempt for everyone he talks to is complete, even the adoring crowds at his utterly cynical, carefully stage-managed rallies. He doesn’t give a hoot about the real America that he wants to make “great” again. There is only one thing he wants from America – enough votes to get him what he wants and then, the Lords of Kobol help us all.

      Trump feeds on his audiences’ fears. He chews it up and spits it right back at them in a self-perpetuating cycle of hatred and bigotry, and they fall for it – the ones at his rallies, that is. There must be sober, rational Republicans in America who want to crawl under a table whenever Trump is on one of his rampages. What Trump has revealed to the rest of the world is how bereft of real talent the Republican Party is if he is the best they can come up with.

      Clinton…well, what can I say, except perhaps that she is a classic example of let’s-find-something-about-her-to-hate. I can’t remember a candidate who has been so completely vilified for so many unspecified reasons. I have spoken to people who claim to hate her, or cite the alleged hatred, but no one has actually, and clearly, said why.

      This Presidential campaign has been a ghastly exercise in fear, hatred and bigotry, the like of which I have never seen before in such a campaign, and I am awaiting November with more trepidation than I should.

    • Dan replied 4 years ago

      More hacking today – into Clinton campaign related emails today. FBI strongly suspects Putin, and Trump has been egging him on.

      Imagine if a foreign leader hacked into Trump’s campaign related emails? Such hypocrisy. This is like Watergate, and Trump has invited this! He is encouraging cyber warfare.