• By Barbara J. King

    Watching the NBC Nightly News broadcast on a Friday earlier this month, I gaped as the last segment aired.

    Kevin Tibbles was reporting from the site of Kentucky’s Ark Encounter, […]

    • The week after the NBC Nightly News segment, CBS News aired a report from Ark Encounter. Correspondent Mark Strassmann talked to Ham — and to a visitor who confirmed her belief that dinosaurs and people “walked hand-in-hand” a few thousand years ago on Earth. But he went on also to interview Jim Helton from Tri-State Freethinkers and science communicator Bill Nye “The Science Guy” as well, who stood up for evolutionary science.

      But shit!!

      Why even interview this faker Ham unless one needed a five minute slot of comedy relief? This ark encounter would be risible if not so blatant in its efforts to indoctrinate children into the cult of ridiculousness. Give these people ( Ham and Co. ) any air and they will snuff out all natural curiosity in children while filling their heads with ineffable nonsense. Plus any coverage of this faker will be free advertising for Hammy, advertising he should be paying for. Only in America can a con man of this magnitude get such wide ranging free publicity!

    • @OP For one thing, that the Ark shows in its animatronic displays the co-existence of dinosaurs and people. Dinosaurs, of course, went extinct (well, except for birds, but that’s another subject) 65 million years ago; the human lineage evolved 6 million years ago, and our own species about 200,000 years ago.

      Well yeah! –
      But it is well known that YECs are as hopeless at maths and arithmetic as they are at science and engineering!

      A 60million year error, is just a near miss for a Ham calculation!

    • I just read “Bone of Contention” after a discussion with a lovely staff member at work. Was surprised that Sylvia Baker M.Sc actually was a biologist apparently, not putting on a very good showing of understanding her subject of study. Anyone else read her?

    • Thanks Pinball1970,

      This one was a fairly quick read got it done in one night. I began writing some notes as I often do when I reading this rubbish I figure if I’m going to read it after a conversation with a staff member or student has prompted them to give it too me I’ll make some notes on the more egregious falsies and falsehoods being trotted out, they can at least read them. After a couple of pages (of the book) I realized that my word count would likely be higher than the actual book so I gave up (on the notes – read the book).

    • Pinball1970 #7
      Aug 3, 2016 at 9:30 am

      I have the “was life created” pamphlet from JW Watch tower publication – absolutely nonsense and sounds about the same sort of content.

      It’s pretty much the standard JW. format aimed at the ignorant, to give a list of ignorant assertions and incredulity, and then ask the recipient to beg the question by reaching a conclusion based on this listed drivel!

      I regularly take the offered JW hand-outs when passing their leaflet squads, and if the weight of printed paper achieves god-belief, the litter-bin 200 yards along the footpath, will now be a fully delusional convert!

    • Reckless Monkey #4
      Aug 1, 2016 at 8:51 am

      Was surprised that Sylvia Baker M.Sc actually was a biologist apparently,

      Apparently she was a biologist back in the 1970s before she gave up on the challenging methodology and complexity of modern investigative biology, with the delusional creationist brain-rot setting in – providing her with easy (god-did-it) answers and personal incredulity!