• By Liam Stack
    Drivers in New Jersey will be able to request vanity license plates that reference their belief in atheism after the state’s Motor Vehicle Commission settled a lawsuit this month filed by a woman w […]

    • “Ms. Morgan said she was pleased with the settlement but also alarmed by online critics who threatened to vandalize her car if they happened to see her now well-known license plate.”

      The “good book” readers responding in a truly “christian” manner…………….

    • that reference their belief in atheism


      Other than that gaffe an uplifting story!

    • @OP – After she received that rejection, Ms. Morgan used the state’s online application form to apply for a plate that said “BAPTIST” and was quickly approved,

      I suppose the “tolerant” nature of empowered religious beliefs, could be illustrated by a woman driving a car with either BAPTIST or 8THEIST plates in Saudi Arabia. 🙂

    • @bonnie2

      URL can not be found.

      This one. Was that the joke?

    • Bonnie, of course they wouldn’t take our money. It was raised by killing children and eating babies………..