• By Ariana Eunjung Cha

    The contrast between parents’ attitudes about vaccines today and a decade ago is striking. A survey published Monday by the American Academy of Pediatrics shows that more and more moms and […]

    • My Child
      My Choice
      No on SB277

      The sticking point. Parents look upon their children as out shoots of themselves (which they are genetically, not legally) so any harebrained idea parents get into their heads must be extendible to their children. Their children are separate beings that can claim one of the functions of government, the protection afforded all citizens from the actions of others that may be detrimental to said citizen.

    • And now we find out that autism may be caused by ultrasound in the womb.
      Wait for the kneejerk reaction…….

    • People who refuse to vaccinate themselves are effectively awarding themselves and their families a Darwin award.

      Perhaps if someone who cannot vaccinate sued someone who refuses to for some absurd amount, even if they did not win, it would shake things up.

    • I understand and sympathize with nervous parents. They need to toughen up.

    • My parents underwent the same scare, and didn’t vaccinate me. They never told me, and I never checked myself(so stupid!), trusting my parents were always looking out for my wellbeing (which they were, in their own way). I suddenly fell pregnant and was shocked and scared out of my wits when I found out I wasn’t immune. I wasn’t allowed to take the vaccine… Now, days from my due date, I read articles of rubella breaking out on festivals over the country. Getting rubella while pregnant can be a death sentence for your child, or later be a huge disability. We need more awareness about this! Every time a child around me would sneeze I would always question if the parents were the type of people to vaccinate or not. Has caused me a lot of stress! Jo