• By Isaac Saul

    Former Republican presidential candidate John Kasich doesn’t understand Harry Potter actor Daniel Radcliffe. During a stop in New Hampshire last week, Kasich entered a bookstore. After picking up […]

    • @OP – “You know that Daniel Radcliffe has declared himself an atheist?” he said, according to the Concord Monitor. “I’m serious. What a weird thing. Why would a guy who has had all that success just, I mean, what the hell is wrong with him?”

      The god-besotted do usually have difficulty in understanding clear thinking and clear thinkers, so think there must be something wrong with THEM because they don’t share in the delusions!

      A rational understanding of god-delusions, probably helps Daniel in understanding the presentation of Hollywood Pottesque magic illusions and delusions!

      John Kasich is like a believer in “real magic”, trying and failing to understand the mechanisms conjuring tricks! (There is no mechanism to understand as with god-did-it – It’s “real magic”) 🙂

    • The downside, he’s my governor.

      The upside, he’s my governor. He refused to to attend the GOP convention held right here in Cleveland because Trump was the nominee. Of course, I’m not sure if it was because he was as appalled as the rest of the thinking electorate, or if it was a case of sour grapes.

    • Even we on the other side of the Pond are getting tired of these uppity Christians forcing their views upon us. Jeez he can’t even put a sentence together. And what has this slimy politician to say about Bill Gates and Warren Buffet among other openly atheist people ? Far more successful in money terms, than Daniel Radcliffe. Not a bloody peep as far as I know. Hypocrite.

    • I looked it up, but I couldn’t find the meaning of Slytherin. Can anyone enlighten me please?

    • @eejit


      Some Harry Potter reference about the various houses the students are sorted into when the enter the wizard’s school. Apparently this house has some bad connotation.

      Some Harry Potter fan (not me!) should be able to explain this fully to you.

      The Telegraph, he expressed concerns about being disliked because of his beliefs.

      SIGH!!!!! There’s that atheism as belief malarkey again!

    • What the god-besotted are saying is Given that god exists and is such a bastard, anyone would be nuts to tease him by saying he does not exist.

      But of course, atheists don’t look at it that way. They are sure there is no god. They are surer there is no god than they are sure Emperor Palpatine (of Star Wars) is a fictitious character.

      Christians are acting like nitwits, slavishly following the dictates of a villain of fiction. Christians live in a world terrified of Emperor Palpatine.

      The Christians do not understand they have no reasons at all to believe in this god. The only reasons they believe anyway is peer pressure and childhood brainwashing with threats of torture,

    • In defence of Christians I must say [IMO] Muslims hold all world records for stupidity. There are thousands of examples but just one comes to mind from the recent Hajj- the ‘stoning of shaitan’ which involves throwing pebbles at what looks like a reinforced concrete panel wall; originally a stone pillar apparently but obviously
      this became inadequate for the growing numbers so shaitan has been updated to modern and more resistant material. Also where [sometimes, large] stones bounced and injured the throwers [shaitan strikes back] they are now limited to small pebbles. I like to think of this as yet another ‘miracle of the koran’.

    • Roedy

      They are sure there is no god.

      Not quite. RD rates himself a 6.9/7 atheist, since there can be no scientific proof of no god.

    • JimJFox #9
      Sep 12, 2016 at 3:03 pm

      Not quite. RD rates himself a 6.9/7 atheist, since there can be no scientific proof of no god.

      We can however go to 7/7 for those numerous gods whose followers have defined supernatural properties which conflict with scientific evidence.

      Most of the the unrefuted ones are too vague for there to be anything of substance in their followers claims to refute!

      Strangely, most theists seem to see no problem with going to 7/7 in respect in dismissing all gods except their own!

    • Thanks to all who contributed to slitherian. My kids were grown up (nominally) before Harry P hit the scene, so I am ignorant of all matters Hogwartian. But Biggles is a different matter….

    • I am confused as to why we are all so shocked at this behavior. Isn’t Kasich a politician? Aren’t atheists the fringe minority? Doesn’t his actions cater to the largest voting block? If you think atheists are in any way favored or protected from attack by any mainstream political party, you are living in the Dungeons of Hogwarts.

      This is business as usual. Idiots trying to denigrate the intelligent in order to fit in and feel important, when they should just try not to speak.

    • “What a weird thing. Why would a guy who has had all that success just, I mean, what the hell is wrong with him?”

      I think what the governor means here is that if Daniel Radcliffe had been unlucky in life, he would understand that life is randomly unfair, therefore there is no god, certainly not a benevolent one; whereas as he has been successful, he should naturally understand that God must have been responsible for the success, therefore there is a god.

      I trust that is all clear and makes perfect sense.

    • “After picking up a copy of one of the Harry Potter books…”

      If, instead of a Harry Potter book, he had happen to pick up a DVD of the final season of “Two And A Half Men,” I don’t think he would have said, “You know, that Angus T. Jones kid announced that he’s a born again Christian, and now no longer has any career.” Because that would have been the truth.

    • That fellow John Kasich should mind in his own business and leave Daniel Radcliffe and the rest of us alone.