• By David Wright
    A group of 375 “concerned” scientists — including famed physicist Stephen Hawking — released an open letter Tuesday sharply criticizing Donald Trump, citing the threat of climate change and […]

    • And when did Stephen Hawking become a climatologist?

      In being an expert in his own field he knows the difference between expert knowledge and Ordinary Joe’s knowledge.

      His position is one of promoting the expertise of others over fuckwittery.

    • The first prerequisite of a sales person aspiring politician or con-artist is to know what their target group wants to hear.

      Trump is a vote junkie who will spout whatever any given audience has gathered to hear him say.

      But he appears not to understand that it’s all on record; the other night Clinton was quoting him and he was asking her where she got the quotes from; the horse’s mouth, bonehead!

    • These “Accords” or cooperative efforts within a Global Community are simply a means of expressing a willingness to work together for a common good.

      Called in some circles ethics or morals. Participating sends a message, as the scientists state.

      A message only …

    • the running mate has distanced himself (a few inches)
      from ‘the fuckwit’ on climate change

    • @#6 – So next they need to distance themselves from his barmy cluelessness on finance!

      The world urgently needs some responsible regulation of banking, to organise and motivate long-term investment in public assets, and mitigate losses from climate change – and to discourage the sort of short-term “casino banking” which caused the credit crunch!

      Those with a modicum of intelligence, might recognise that someone from the casino business , whose companies have gone bust four times, is probably one of the LEAST qualified people to lead the world in conducting such a task!

    • Alan,

      How could I not like para1?

      Para 2…. But, of course!!! Excellent point.

      I watched The Big Short the other night. This great insight into casino banking ably illustrates the flat out criminality that all casinos attract. I fully recommend it to all. I learned new stuff (the appalling complicity of the Ratings Agencies with the Banks…because, of course….in such agencies being commercially established, so being in competition with each other, means the ones doing what the banks want get the business.) More could have been put in, not least a commentary of why big chips were needed for the gamble and I guess a little more moral judgement could have been passed on the wise wolves, the protagonists, bursting the 2008 bubble. They were still Wall Street wolves. I guess we needed to like them along the way to put in the effort to understand.

      This is not Anchorman. Carell is not Brick.