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    By The Wall Street Journal Staff

    As if facing down violent Islamist fanatics isn’t enough, Muslim reformers now have to dodge attacks from the American left. Consider the Southern Poverty Law Center’s dec […]

    • Not sure why this should be so surprising.

      SPLC’s founder (Morris Dees) is religious.

    • Cantaz #1
      Oct 31, 2016 at 9:57 pm

      SPLC’s founder (Morris Dees) is religious.

      The wooists pretence of unity against secular reason!
      A bit like the pope and the Vatican’s “cordial meetings” with Muslim Imams (despite current religious wars and the history of the crusades), to discuss “faith” and plan to jointly fight against “secularism”!

    • Contaz,

      Morris dees’ religiosity has nothing to do with this what so ever, the SPLC is nothing more than a far left fear mongering organisation that classes EVERYONE who does not tow the regressive narrative as hate groups.

    • Dees is a Unitarian which signals no real dogma but a likely Belief in Belief. This may position him against atheists, but he should promote moderated religion.

      He should, of course, promote reason above all, as the only platform where everyone (variously religious and none) can, er, reasonably meet in mutuality. But failing this he should be hugely championing the support for moderation of religion against an intolerant extremism.

      Its clear the SPLC is turning to the dark side, embracing dog whistle SJW positions. This may have something to do with the organisation’s primary activity, raising money. Money is generally raised most readily from the feelingest rather than the thinkingest. A civilised nuanced position may prove cash negative for them with their core supporters

    • It does rather look Islamic extremists screaming “Islamophobia” in response to criticism, with the do-gooding politically correct, mindlessly looking for causes to champion!

    • “As the custodians of the integrity and values of the sport, we have
      had no choice but to act responsibly”.

      … Because of course not taking the piss out of some primitive prayer ritual at a private party is a key element in the integrity of performance at the parallel bars and the pommel horse.

    • Morris dees’ religiosity has nothing to do with this what so ever

      Not so sure about that.

      In my view, most religious people (including moderate ones) tend to cling onto the notion that there really is, somehow/somewhere, an Absolute (and by that I mean, quite literally, independent from anything else) demarcation between right and wrong.

      Why should it be surprising that anybody starting with that premise often end up categorizing other people he/she disagrees with as “bad” (particularly when religion is the issue at stake)?

    • Being anti-Islamic means you think the stories in the Qur’an are fiction.
      Being anti-Muslim means you think Muslims should be expelled from the country, jailed or prohibited from building mosques.

    • Ayaan Hirsi Ali is my hero. She may not be the best speaker in the English language but she is tied with the other one who is. A brilliant intellect unwavering under fire with a unique courage to speak truth to power conveying enlightenment in a soothing, gentle, persuasive voice that must be heard to be awestruck. (YouTube is a handy source)

    • The original article might have been interesting, if wasn’t subscription only.