• By Katy McLaughlin

    Lots of things can thwart a home sale—ugly décor, a bad location or an unrealistic price. But some homeowners and real-estate agents cite another reason: ghosts.

    For help, there’s a cott […]

    • Since then she has worked on hundreds of homes, mostly locally, charging about $350 to $400.

      Damn!!! A missed business opportunity! 🙂

      I was out last night playing guitar with a band at a halloween doo in a pub!
      The lead guitarist wore a skeleton T-shirt and his face looked really scary!

      We could have haunted and the de-haunted several houses for those sorts of fees!!!

    • Absolute proof if ever you need it that in the 21st century belief in the paranormal is as strong as ever. I do think the corrosive influence of religion is at work here. If children are brought up from childhood to believe in hell and demons its easy to see how they could be persuaded that they should part with their hard earned money to pay somebody to clear their house of unwanted spirits (by astral projection!!). Is it any more of a racket than a church demanding a tithe?

    • As ghosts (‘spirits’ of the deceased) don’t exist taking money for exorcisms or cleansings is taking money under false pretences. In my opinion offering or receiving payment for such services, whether it be in money or in kind, should be illegal, as should anything else to do with the occult or the supernatural such as tarot card reading, palm reading or performing wedding ceremonies, baptisms, etc. If people want to perform such services let them do it for free.

    • Some charge hundreds of dollars to visit “haunted” properties—either
      in person, or via astral travel—and “clear” them of unwanted spirits.
      Others are volunteer ghostbusters who comb homes with high-tech gear
      to suss out paranormal activity.

      The fact that some people can actually believe in such things as ghosts and “spirits” is the very same reason some people can believe in “gods” or “satan.” It’s tragic.

    • I got taught this trick in primary school. In a darkened room, with a reading lamp, open a book to a picture. Stare at the picture for 30 seconds, then look up from the book and look around the room. A Negative of that picture will appear where ever you look. These are the ghosts people have seen over history.

      The rods and cones in your retina continue to fire awaiting further input. It is how your eyes provide your brain with image smoothing because what you think your are seeing is actually your brain and eyes photoshopping the incoming data to keep you happy.

    • I don’t know about anyone else here, but the appearance of Banquo’s ghost in Macbeth, bloody scares me …. and I know it’s just fiction !