• By Tom Flynn

    In “Oklahomans should vote yes on SQ 790” (Our Views, Oct. 23), The Oklahoman showed a flawed understanding of the effect of public funding on religious institutions. “SQ 790 opponents claim it […]

    • @OP – Moreover, if a given church chooses to violate that rule, detection can be very difficult, given that churches are the only variety of nonprofit organization not required to account publicly for their finances.

      It would seem fixing this lack of accounting problem, would lead to transparency, and this in turn would help resolve any abuses.

    • If only this could become a nationwide housekeeping of groups like CAIR, etc. which are funded by taxes to push public policy in government agencies, affect school texts and curriculums, and insert Shariah law in place of our constitutional laws to establish a worldwide caliphate. Have to get rid of the progressive liberal lie down and die left.

    • Religion, like sex, should be practiced by consenting adults in private and no longer has a role in the town square.