• By Robinson Meyer

    Throughout the long campaign, and in the long month that has followed, President-elect Donald Trump sounded some odd notes about the environment.

    He rejected the scientific fact of climate […]

    • Trump at least shows consistency is selecting the most inappropriate candidate for each appointment!

      One of the benefits of the UK system over the US one, is that new incumbents DON’T get to immediately replace civil service officials.
      They have to work with in-post professional specialist civil servants appointed by earlier administrations, until the officials come up for new contracts or retire.

      In the UK, nobody can appoint a whole set of idiots to the administration all at one go – even if they can appoint a whole set of idiot MPs to their cabinets!

    • Alan

      selecting the most inappropriate candidate for each appointment!

      This is causing much anxiety here in the US right now. Not only do we have a large toddler at the head of government, now we also have his chosen entourage who cannot be counted on to provide damage control over the inevitable shitstorm to come.

      I wonder if it would be possible for our system here to move toward what is obviously (to some of us) a safer and more rational way of acquiring those professional specialist civil servants as you describe above. Is it possible to turn this aircraft carrier on a dime?

      I’m very interested to watch the reaction of the American public as all of this unfolds in the next four years. How bad does this need to get before (even the libertarians and alt right) throw the bums out on their ears?

    • Laurie,

      This is the worst crisis that this nation has ever faced.

      Four years! Do you realize how much damage can be done in four years with these corrupt Plutocrats running everything? The libertarians? Don’t count on it. They are the ones that have to be thrown out; they are not the ones that will do the throwing out; they are all basically libertarians. The alt-right won’t turn on them, ever. They want blood on the streets.

      Paul Ryan is a little runt. All of the Republicans are sick, greedy assholes! Trump and his appointees are evil. They will blow up the world. They don’t care about anything – including the survival of the species. They are bloody evil! (No other word fits.) These people are psychopaths, and Trump’s supporters are a bunch of losers. I don’t care what anyone says; they’re losers. They believe everything he says and they fawn over Kellyanne Conway – a sicko if there ever was one.

      Trump wants to increase military spending! Why? Guess what will get cut? Regulations, social programs, medicare, public assistance, education, housing. This is a nightmare. I am actually praying that he will be declared unfit or that there will be another election or that the electors will vote Hillary in. This is BAD!!!

      Sorry this comment was not eloquent. I need to get it out. Style is not important to me now. I just need to express my despair.

    • …his chosen entourage who cannot be counted on to provide damage control…

      No! They cannot! They are the ones that will do the damage. One is worse than the other. I think this is really about the dismantling of the government as we now know it. This will usher in a truly nightmarish period in American life – unless their efforts are thwarted.

      President-elect Donald Trump’s nominee to lead the Environmental Protection Agency has gone to court to stop its enforcement efforts.

      Ben Carson, the retired pediatric neurosurgeon whom Trump has named to take over HUD, has voiced a philosophical aversion to safety-net programs.

      Price would also be responsible for overseeing the Children’s Health Insurance Program, the expansion of which he opposed in 2007. The congressman from Georgia has been working to dismantle the Affordable Care Act, Obama’s signature health-care law, and wants to convert the popular Medicare program for seniors to one that would offer a fixed amount of money for coverage of each beneficiary that could be used to buy private insurance.

      Jeff Sessions (R-Ala.) has a record of trying to restrict voting rights.

      DeVos, an advocate of voucher programs will divert money from traditional public schools. Randi Weingarten, president of the American Federation of Teachers, said Trump made it clear he wants to “focus on privatizing, defunding and destroying public education in America.”

      And there are other things too. Organized labor is facing a grave crisis. The military build-up is alarming. The military appointees in civilian-held positions is alarming, the millionaires and billionaires among his entourage… Plus all this alt-right garbage, the rise of nationalism, the close cooperation of big business and politics. —All of these things, historically, have been associated with fascism. This is neo-fascism we are facing, something new and unprecedented, but not new to the modern world.

      Don’t kid yourselves. Fox News has won this round. Whether this is a knockout for Democracy, and truly the death-knell of the species, remains to be seen. The enemy is in power.

      (Quotes from Washington Post)

    • Where is the Honest Broker. The “Colin Powell” to keep the administrations feet on the ground. It’s starting to look like the management committee for Jones Town.