• Dan Dredger wrote a new post, Donald Trump and the Anti-Vaxxer Conspiracy Theorists 3 years, 5 months ago

    By Laurie Garrett

    Things are getting down and dirty now. And millions of lives are at stake. I cannot possibly state strongly enough how dangerous it is that President-elect Donald Trump has embraced the notion […]

    • @OP – Robert F. Kennedy Jr., a celebrated vaccine skeptic, met with Trump on Jan. 10. Speaking to reporters outside Trump Tower in Manhattan after the meeting, Kennedy said he will chair a commission “on vaccine safety and scientific integrity” at Trump’s request, because, “we ought to be debating the science.”

      Don’t scientifically illiterate conspiracy theorists love to “debate” and “investigate” settled science: – and with posturing airs of “authority” too!

      “We will examine this scientific research which we are too scientifically illiterate and uneducated to understand, and decide which bits of it we choose to designate correct or wrong! –
      and with no understanding of scientific methodology, we will also decide on the “integrity” of scientific processes in the peer-reviewed papers – checking them for compliance with our amateur pseudo-scientific preconceptions”

      If these buffoons were not being given political power, this farcical egotism would be a pure comedy show!
      Classic Dunning-Kruger – Too stupid and ignorant to recognise how stupid and ignorant they are!

    • Would it be paranoid to suspect that the core drivers of the anti-vax lobby have the malicious intention of causing a reduction in the population by disease? After all, we’re overpopulated, and birth-control and abortion are immoral, so what’s to be done about it? (And of course, they’ll make sure their own crowd are fully vaccinated and protected in their gated communities against the coming plagues/pandemics/epidemics – whatever’s the right term).

    • OHooligan The following line would seem to make that unlikely,”Vaccine-refusal rates are highest in American communities of wealth, such as Marin County, California. “.
      There is a danger of being the mirror image of the conspiracy theorists who claim that the CDC and the medical profession are conspiring to deliberately inflict autism of the children.

      Most conspiracy theories fall down because they require the supposed conspirators to have ridiculous levels of planning and effort, coupled with an ability to keep hundreds of people silent about the true agenda when past experiences show that keeping secrets like that is next to impossible.

      In reality people are more than capable of believing bull shit on mass, out of fear and ignorance without the need for shadowy provocators. For confirmation of this I offer the worlds religions and Trumps recent election.

    • O’hooligan, I would have to consider “chemtrails” if I considered a conspiracy to reduce only the USA population.
      And I don’t want to go there.

    • …it seems the congress and senate have other priorities!

      The whole idea behind a government with checks and balances doesn’t work if all three branches are controlled by one party.

      The sucker-punch is the controlling party is a minority put in place as a result of gerrymandering and voter restriction laws (and–admittedly–severe apathy from the electorate).

    • @OP – Robert F. Kennedy Jr., a celebrated vaccine skeptic

      The continued misuse of the term “sceptic” by the media, when discussing scientific or medical issues, gives conspiracy-theory-ignoramuses undeserved respect for their barmy views!

      A scientific sceptic is someone well educated and expert in a subject who is offering a competent opinion on a subject they have studied in depth using reputable research papers or articles or professionally run university courses.

      It does not refer to the fatuous opinions of ignorant conspiracy theorists who have consulted each other on their whimsical notions about subjects the cannot understand or have not studied, and then established a view based on their collective ignorance!

      Robert F. Kennedy Jr., a celebrated vaccine conspiracy theorist! – although I don’t know why anyone would wish to “celebrate” such stupidity!

      I suppose if he is paid to chair an “investigation”, this provides well paid employment for another of Trump’s pseudo-science muppets from US Tax-payers pockets!

    • @Mr_DNA #3

      There is a danger of being the mirror image of the conspiracy theorists who claim that the CDC and the medical profession are conspiring to deliberately inflict autism of the children.

      Exactly. And a benefit, maybe, in talking those conspiracy theorists out of their anti-vax position. They’ve fallen for that other conspiracy, they’ve been duped, and they’ve been set on the path to their own destruction.

      I think this (tongue-in-cheek) line of argument should only be deployed as a last resort, when appeals to reason and evidence and the scientific method have failed. Oh, wait, that’s now, isn’t it?

      (ps I hope none of you thought I actually meant that I believed in such a conspiracy.)

      (and, yes, chemtrails would be a much better way to do it. Pass that info on to our Lizard Overlords, they might want to redeploy resources on this one.)