• By Justin Gillis
    Marking another milestone for a changing planet, scientists reported on Wednesday that the Earth reached its highest temperature on record in 2016, trouncing a record set only a year earlier, […]

    • @OP – In reality, the Earth is heating up, a point long beyond serious scientific dispute, but one becoming more evident as the records keep falling.

      But that’s real science which involves real measuring – measuring which is a bit more complicated than counting and comparing the numbers of people in two photographs of the same scene at different times!

      Much too difficult for the small-minded brains of those who prefer to use “alternative facts”!

    • I consider this as good news: “habitat for Homo sapiens will be gone. Shortly thereafter, all humans will die.”
      It’s the only cure for the planet – and beyond. With homo sapiens sapiens evolution has failed. Nice try though. 😉

    • But it is winter here in Philly.

      Anyone ever see Da’ Ali G show when Sacha Baron Cohen asks Buzz Aldrin if we will ever land on the sun and Buzz says It’s too hot…. When Cohen says “but what if we just went in winter,,,, I thought Aldrin was going to slug him…” Funny as hell.

    • The link is at:

    • My concern is it will be cooler this year as La Nina replaces El Nino and Trump will claim he has fixed it.

    • @crookedshoes #5

      I never found Cohen’s Ali G character all that funny, but I’ve got a new respect for Buzz Lightyear, sorry Aldrin, for playing it perfectly straight all through that interview.

    • @ crooked shoes
      ali gallows humour

    • @ robert firth
      thanks for that
      i think
      only made it half way through
      catastrophic brain fry
      joni mitchell nailed it too

    • since in the cretacious period, the ocean level was about 160′ higher than today, I doubt that 2016 is anywhere near a global record. but it certainly could be since the last glacial maximum barely 20,000 years ago, when the ocean level was over 200′ lower than today and glaciers covered much of Canada.
      also, that forest discovered under the retreating ice over 40 years ago on Ellesmere Island contains trees that need well over +10 deg F to have thrived as they obviously did… so, that makes me a little doubtful that this upcoming interglacial period will only have a 1/5th the amount of warming that apparently occurred during the previous interglacial period.

    • since in the cretacious period, the ocean level was about 160′ higher than today, I doubt that 2016 is anywhere near a global record.

      Yes but you have to remember most of the changes in global temperatures happened over very long periods of time so let’s say for example a gradual warming over a 500 year period gradually melting the ice etc. and then you do your calculations of sea level in that period of relative stability. That’s not the problem here the problem isn’t what are the oceans up to today, the problem is how quickly we are reaching levels that in time will have massive effects on thing like sea level. I’ve done a bit of oxy welding, if you are welding a very thick piece of steel it takes ages to melt but that piece of steel will be damn hot all the same. Or another analogy is putting a large block of ice out on a cool winters morning, it’ll take ages to melt, chuck is on the BBQ and it will still take quite a while to melt but the massive temp underneath will get it there are even increasing amounts. The rate of Antarctic ice melting has been nicely modeled and that modeling confirmed with satellite data measuring the difference in mass. It takes quite a while to melt that amount of ice. Mind you as devastating as that is it is only one of the many disasters we are causing ocean acidification being one of the scariest. We can move our buildings at great expense but the sea life that could die off as a result of ocean acidification will cause massive starvation among many nations.