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    For the record, like many thinking people the world over, I am at war with Monsanto and the pro GMO lobby. As many have said here, there have been no long term studies of the effects that GMO products may, or may not have on the health of any living creature or environment. But one thing, I feel instinctively, is that science sometimes over…[Read more]

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    Havn’t a clue what all this code block stuff means… So if this works, good, if not…. tough.

    Unfortunately due to domestic commitments, I missed being able to send Richard some good vibe best wishes…

    So here rather belated is my best wishes to you Richard D, look after yourself Professor, take time out and repair those cells…

    And…[Read more]

  • Here in the UK/Europe, we are blessed with a more honest approach to teaching science. But in America and elsewhere there is the constant battle with the theist. One of the key issues I share with our founder is […]