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    How about a documentary on shipbuilding, including a chronology of various techniques and known examples of wooden boats. Exhibit actual woodworkers crafting a boat with ancient tools. Ask each woodworker to comment on whether he could build a gigantic ship that would be seaworthy in epic storms if he or she were 600 hundred years old.

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    You’re a jolly good fellow, Richard.
    All the best to you and yours.

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    I resent every second spent on my knees during my childhood, and I resent every word of the prayers repeated thousands of times wherein we children would declare that we were sinners while we fretted about ‘the hour of our death’.
    Child abuse, Roman style.

  • I often perform in Woodstock, NY which is a magnet for New Age seekers of spiritual panaceas. Oh, the nonsense! On more than one occasion I have felt compelled to interject. There was the octogenarian hippie who […]

  • I have long shared your admiration and gratitude for the magnificent presentations of David Attenborough and his courageous crews, and I am thrilled that I can now view them on demand and uninterrupted. They are […]

  • I can’t speak for other nations but in USA politics the squeaky wheels often get the most grease.

  • We learn from you even in your distress, Richard.
    Appreciation of the amazing human hand rings so poignantly from the perspective of its loss, even if and hopefully temporarily. From your condition, and with your […]