• Olgun #124

    Note comment at the bottom of your link:

    Their analysis predicts that countries closest to the U.K. — such as Belgium and the Netherlands, as well as those with high volumes of trade such as G […]

  • Marco #126
    So in a deadlocked negotiation situation, where one side will have to give way in order to get the deal, which is in the stronger position?
    The side that also realises it has to be magnanimous in […]

  • Marco #123

    I really don’t know why you are labouring this point. The EU is far larger than the UK so its GDP percentage trade with the UK relative to the UK’s the other way is obviously going to be smaller. But […]

  • Marco #120 and Vicki #121
    On the contrary, when you have deadlock between two negotiating partners and the deadlock can only be overcome if one of them gives way, then it is highly relevant which of them has most […]

  • @Marco #118
    Your belief that the EU will give way on the backstop in order to secure the deal you’re saying you think will happen is based on your belief that a no deal would harm the EU more than it would harm t […]

  • Marco #114
    However, your comment at #108 implies that the EU will lose more and will therefore be more likely to give way on its red lines than the UK.
    No, I didn’t really want to imply that. Both sides will lose […]

  • @Alan #111
    Fantasy will not become reality regardless of how much Theresa May bangs on with her unrealistic claims.  She has promised to sell brexit to the punters, but most of the punters have recognised they […]

  • Marco #109

    I don’t believe that either side will lose that trade! It’s plainly in no one’s interest to!

    A deal will therefore have to be struck!

  • @Vicki

    The EU generally sells more to the UK than the other way round. So it’s in their strong interests to preserve this trade as far as possible! More data here.


  • @Alan #104
    The UK currently has a very good deal with the EU and will be very unlikely to EVER get such a good deal again
    I happen to think that May’s compromise was a good one, and it would have passed if it […]

  • Thank you to the mods (#102)

  • @Vicki #98

    I posted a reply to Alan recently which would provide you with a pro-Teresa May view as opposed to the one Alan posted (#99). Unfortunately, the mods have decided that they will only countenance one […]

  • @Alan #99

    Better a lame government than a Corbyn one! I bet if there was an election now May would win hands down! The British public realises that May has tried tenaciously to get a middling agreement with the […]

  • Phil #167

    Your ‘Enigma’ book looks quite interesting – I’ve just requested a copy through our local library.

    For me, in very simplistic terms, in order to reason one needs to always ask ‘why’ and then drilling […]

  • Cantaz # 159
    It’s amazing how people are willing to accept uncritically the flimsiest evidence coming from ancient religious traditions as rock-solid, while at the same time they question rock-solid, modern s […]

  • Erol commented on the post, The Improbability of God 8 months ago

    KingAmada #4

    By the same logical reasoning, I was able to prove him wrong because, if that is possible, then it is possible that atoms can randomly form a supernatural being like (God) with all the said […]

  • @Dudley #75
    I play piano, drumms, gutar and sing, Rap, Mix and play bass.
    Have you therefore tried to market your musical talent?

    Having a talent for doing something can be a very precious thing, and you […]

  • @Michael100 #64


    I totally agree that the right balance has to be attained between the entrepreneur and his co-workers. Everyone in a profitable company should be remunerated well. I am one of those who […]

  • @Dudley #62

    If someone has laboured to create a valuable business employing hundreds of people while producing products that the public desires, then yes, I can say that person deserves to be richly […]

  • @Dudley #60
    It may be working for you! but it needs to work for everyone, everywhere.
    You are being simplistic. Society works by people contributing to it and then being rewarded  depending upon the level of […]

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