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    There are lines which are repeated every time an evangelist opens his mouth. For example the phrase, “Let me ask you this…” No. Don’t let him ask you. Another line line, “I just can’t see how X…… therefore God did Y” He can’t understand something therefore the opposite is true. uh, yeah. Stop them in their tracks on these talking points so…[Read more]

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    Ken has created his own Golden Calf.

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    Greta Christina, in that paragraph from her book, must be addressing some Atheist living in an extremely regressive Islam country. I would not think that too many Americans could say they are as fearful as described in that paragraph.

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    Sad that many people think that ALL Muslims know each other. Yeah, right, all billion of them communicate daily and don’t take the responsibility to do enough to keep those known members from becoming radical.
    That is exactly like blaming all Christians for not preventing a “known member” among them, Dylan Tin Roof, from murdering 9 black people…[Read more]

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    Peter, I am currently at my desk, looking at biology news and science articles, minding my own business like those burka people you are obsessed with. You interpret their non-action toward you as: “leave me alone”” as if they are deliberately thinking this about you. They could be simply minding their own business.

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    If you display any suspicion that there were other people involved in the planning of the attacks other than the 19 hijackers from a cave, popular culture quickly places you in fringe groups of strawmen which believe that the planes were a hologram and energy beams from outer space knocked the buildings down. Any suspicion that a majority of…[Read more]

  • I had teachers 40 years ago putting their arrogant faces in mine and insult me because I didn’t believe there is a ghost of a two thousand year old dead person in my brain who talks to me. It was demeaning and […]

  • What a stupid person Brecheen chooses to be! “…creation vs. evolution using the known science”? RUFK Me? This known science IS evolution so therefore, there exists absolutely no debate “using the known science”.

  • James, I find it humorous that we can’t expect “the people it was intended for” to understand the difference between log and linear. We aren’t trying to explain calculus to a cat. These creationists, “the people […]

  • McGath’s own logic is in question when I hear, “Since science discloses no meaning to the universe, the only reasonable conclusion is that there is no meaning to find.” No: That is indeed not the “only rea […]