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    Oh, for goodness sake, I’ll end all this Avi Goldstein nonsense with the same question I use to silence all orthodox Jews. This coming September, you’ll be celebrating Rosh-Hashanah, which means it will be the year 5778. So exactly what event happened 5,778 years ago that you will be commemorating?


    It’s not possible to answer this…[Read more]

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    “After picking up a copy of one of the Harry Potter books…”

    If, instead of a Harry Potter book, he had happen to pick up a DVD of the final season of “Two And A Half Men,” I don’t think he would have said, “You know, that Angus T. Jones kid announced that he’s a born again Christian, and now no longer has any career.” Because that would…[Read more]

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    I have still yet to hear a simple answer to a question I ask repeatedly about these people. What the hell do they do for a living? Where does their money come from? How are they able to feed and clothe themselves?

    Radical Islam is funded by oil. What natural resource, if any, is supporting these cretins?

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    How many illegitimate grandchildren does this “Christian” woman’s kid have to produce to get her to slither back under the rock from whence she came? With Phyllis Schlafly, it only took one gay son to effectively shame her into disappearing from the public eye.