• I hope no one took offense at my last post; it was intended to be playful.

  • Hi Ujin007 [57],

    I’m curious: what specifically is your objection to the theory of evolution by natural selection? I can’t blame you if you find it an implausible explanation for the emergence of life;  I […]

  • Hi Phil Rimmer [46],

    Forgive my ignorance, but I was mystified by what you said about topological configurations. If this is possible, could you perhaps explain what the above phrase means to a layman? I also […]

  • Hello Stephen of Wimbledon [#19],

    I’ve already begun to perceive your attempts to inject some humor into the conversation. Now, about philosophy of mind, I was going to bring up a rather disturbing thought I had […]

  • By the way, since the subject of NDEs came up earlier, would there be anyone interested in discussing various theories in philosophy of mind? I hope this topic falls within the discussion guidelines.

  • I believe you said that evolution has allowed people near death to access ante-natal memories because people who experience them are more likely to see their condition improve. However, if these people don’t […]

  • I found the post just before mine fascinating. I will try my best to paraphrase the idea being presented in it to check my understanding, but anyone please feel free to correct me if I am misinterpreting part or […]

  • I’ve sometimes wondered whether evolution by natural selection might be expressed in the broadest possible sense as the principle that complexity emerges be cause well-ordered systems are better at propagating […]

  • Wow, this is a really long discussion thread; I hope I don’t end up saying something that’s already been said, unlikely though this is. Anyway, maybe one way of expressing skepticism about reason is the following: […]

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