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  • It’s probably a matter of scale right now. The technologies are available and in development, but only a tiny fraction of the hydrogen needed is being produced efficiently.

  • “clean alternative energy like hydrogen extracted from water that as a fuel, only has water vapor as its by product which precipitates and rains back on the Earth”
    Hydrogen extracted from water is by no means a […]

  • Back when I was Catholic, I was taught by the nuns that a priest is not obligated to absolve the perpetrator of a crime in the sacrament of penance. He may require the criminal to turn himself in as a condition […]

  • I originally joined this forum because I am considering asking some useful questions about evolutionary theory. However, this stuff about education, Richard, angels, guns, the doom of the USA, etc is engaging. I […]

  • Waheed, I wish you well. Never stop learning. However, this thread has somehow drifted over to angels and guns. I looked them up and found that an Angel Arcabucero is an angel depicted with an arquebus, an early […]

  • Crookedshoes:  What we had was a constitutional republic with some democratic principles. Now we have forfeited that for a fascist oligarchy. I fear it is too late. You are right, our so-called leaders are a […]

  • Some years ago at the National Geographic Museum in Washington, DC, they had an exhibit of South American art, and there was a large painting of an angel carrying a musket. Until then, I had thought that they only […]

  • Remember Robin Williams as Popeye? At the end of the movie he also walked on water. It was very shallow; they didn’t do a good job of covering up that camera trick, and then he walked off the edge of the shallow […]

  • keep blowing your trumpet
    If I type in italics, am I whispering?

  • why are you shouting

    Just trying to make sure nobody (such as you, Quarecuss) thinks these are my ideas. See #64 above. Maybe I’m shouting because I recently photographed a S […]

  • I’m typing these into the comments with no copying and pasting, and also not combining them into a bigger comment. For some reason, it doesn’t get blocked. Here is another.

    I have not published anything on this […]

  • Well, that last post worked OK. I’ll try another.

    There is no contradiction between physics and faith. I have not studied Gould’s nonoverlapping magisteria but I don’t think I would agree about the […]

  • Evidence for the existence of God is found in the fact that the universe does not seem to contain the principle for its own existence. It requires a creator. This gets you to the God of the philosophers. To go […]

  • I have asked my brother several questions, and have received replies. I have been trying to post them here without success. Trying to contribute but being blocked. He is in the Computer and Information Science […]

  • Michael #61

    How can a Christian not be a creationist?

    There are millions of Christians who are not creationists in the evolution-denying sense. Maybe you could try asking one of them?
    This is getting into […]

  • I’m getting a “403 Forbidden” blocking my posts. This is ridiculous. My posts are not too long.

  • I’ll try smaller segments.

    My brother wrote an essay on his web site. It concludes with the following:

    In 1893 Pope Leo XIII wrote in an encyclical:
    There can never, indeed, be any real discrepancy between […]

  • When I try to post a reply from my brother, including a link to an essay he wrote on his web site, I am blocked from posting, with some kind of prohibition of an unidentified technical something. This has happened […]

  • LaurieB Oh no, we still have good relationships. It’s only a serious problem in my own mind. I simply ignore her on Facebook, and when we get together (which is very rare), these issues don’t come up. The other […]

  • I have a serious problem with family members who are not only trumpers but fundamentalist “Christians.” I even have a sister-in-law who is a pastor of a small church. She told me (before I unfriended her in […]

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