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  • I will leave this conversation, with my final statement being thank you, @To Be. You are offering an alternative view, and I say that because this is a Richard Dawkins site. A man who amongst many of us, has […]

  • The reason I write again is that something you wrote jumped out at me as I reread your post. You wrote that most atheists…would deny evidence of god’s existence.  I’m curious about the basis of what MOST atheis […]

  • He (Hawking) also explained throughout his life his thoughts on a possible afterlife, saying, “I believe the simplest explanation is, there is no God. No one created the universe and no one directs our fate. Th […]

  • “The problem in “trusting in God” is that this is a feature of cultural indoctrination in thinking from the preconceptions of the religion of the culture people were raised in.”
    And yet the sciences are based on […]

  • Hopefully I can jump in here before the end of month… Looking for people who would disagree with me but hopefully without throwing shade on one another 🙂

    My chief statement is this:  The word ‘science’ is a […]

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