Klaus Reimert

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    In my daily routine as a general practitioner I rather successfully refuse handshakes referring to the risk of infections. At least 4 out of 5 patients appreciate breaking the habit. But raising awareness in the medical field is easier due to the special risk area with many ill patients.

  • Dear Prof. Dawkins,

    I´m very sorry to hear you are not making it to the German tour in March, but for sure your rehabilitation is more important. Please keep on with letting us take part in your progress and […]

  • After reading TK´s post I feel the urge to politely disagree:
    1. If Richard Dawkins was around 30 yo he wouldn´t be the person he is now. We know and love him as he is because of his experiences and decades of s […]

  • Dear Mr Dawkins,
    after hearing about your awful intrcranial bleeding I thought much about the wonderful discussion you had with Daniel Dennett about the meaning of life and death. I come to the conclusion that […]