• Immoral? moral? its all a matter of perspective. However dogmatically insisting something is absolutely right and proclaiming the annihilation of all who disagree is extremely narrowminded and a primitive way of […]

  • Jason #27

    Yes there is no universal system of morality just as there is no universal standard for morphological adaptations for a specific environment.

    However humans are evolved to follow the golden rule. If we […]

  • firstly Vicki and Cairsley I appreciate your replies,

    I can accept the use of rationality to establish an assessment of interests and determination of justice in a given instance, which is basically moral […]

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    Recently acquired a copy of Ruben molina and Asier Larramendi’s guide to theropods.

    I particularly admire the avian traits in maniraptors. Similar to observing simians, its like taking photos of brief moments o […]

  • Cairsley

    while I understand the concept of the golden rule; i.e do unto others as you would do unto yourself.  The fact is the golden rule is also relative, relative to humanity as we define it. Rationality […]

  • Why do we need absolute morality? can we not simply accept that morality and ethics is simply what works at any given time, with respect to maintaining societal stability, order, and illusion of happiness or […]

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