• Vicki #38

    Ha! “Most excellent”. Adding that to my CV as we speak 😀
    What struck me so forcibly reading the article was this foundation of fear hiding behind–or maybe built on–religion.
    Personally I see it mor […]

  • Vicki #20

    I’ve just read that article through again and I agree: I wouldn’t know where to start with this lot either.

    I know I keep saying this, but it keeps being the only thing I can say: American Eva […]

  • Vicki #20, #21

    Hi Vicki, and thanks for the link to that worrying/insightful/interesting/aaaarrrrggggh article. I do want to reply properly, but it may be a few days before I get chance. “I’ll be back.” 🙂

  • Alan #18

    Very much so, so far as keeping the populace docile and complacent was concerned. “Culture industry” goes beyond that in a couple of respects, though: the first is in the standardisation of cultural […]

  • Phil #11
    What I fear is that we are walking into this shameless right wing push with too few noticing.
    Are you familiar with the concept of “the culture industry”, Phil? Part of my degree course a million years […]

  • Phil, Laurie, Vicki

    So pleased you got as much out of the article as I did. And yes, Vicki, I think libertarianism is just neoliberalism by another name. “Libertarian” sounds so benign, doesn’t it? “Pro-freedom” […]

  • I don’t want to distract from the interesting discussion started by Cristóbal, but I have been meaning to share this article for several days […]

  • q #66

    Oh YES!!!! Thanks for that link. I hadn’t seen it, and it sets out really clearly just why her speech was as powerful as it was. She really is a force to be reckoned with.

  • “Ok, ‘fess up. Who ordered the bumper pack of extra-slippy floor polish?” 😀

  • It would have had to be incompetence on a massive scale, Laurie. And at multiple levels within the Academy too: the plans would have been checked and double-checked, and would have had to be approved at a very […]

  • Laurie #59
    eejit  does raise the important point of military loyalty and I’d like to know more precisely where those loyalties lie
    Yes, it’s a very interesting question.

    Remember the Ramp Incident at West Poi […]

  • Sorry, eejit, hadn’t seen your comment when I replied to ShadowMind, or I’d have included you too.

  • ShadowMind #55
    I share your concern, ShadowMind, I really do. I’ve thought for a long time that there’ll be no violence-free route out of the Trump presidency.

    But there won’t be, whatever the election resul […]

  • q #50

    This one, I assume?

    I hadn’t seen it before but have just watched the first 5 minutes. You’re right, she really does eviscerate him. It’s a cracking speech […]

  • Laurie #49
    In the seventies it was the second wave feminists and various  outspoken hippies who filled that role for me. On the Atheist front, it was Richard’s book The God Delusion that left me stunned, sayi […]

  • I agree, Laurie. So important to change the narrative, so important to fight back. And so important that other people – young people especially – see someone taking a stand. For so long women and other dis […]

  • By the way, what reminded me of the speech today was reading the news that Ted Boho has been asked to resign from the board of a Christian charity in consequence of his behaviour.

    No way would that have […]

  • I have to say I am repeatedly hugely impressed with Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez. Astonishing eloquence, dignity, courage, integrity and conviction. The speech she gave this week in the wake of Ted Yoho’s abuse was […]

  • eejit #34
    but the puzzle is, how does RCism do it?
    Having talked to quite a few lapsed Roman Catholics over the years, I’m convinced that drumming the notion of eternal hellfire into children before they’re […]

  • Reckless #29

    Oh, I seeeee. Sorry, I hadn’t automatically thought “demo” when I read “protest”. I get it now! And yes, I entirely see your point. You also make a great point about the need to find effective but […]

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