• Bananaman. Good heavens, I’d forgotten all about him!

    Note to the gun advocates coming up with an ever-more bizarre list of ‘reasons’ for the numbers of Americans killing other Americans: the rest of the world […]

  • Phil #13

    It was entirely foreseeable, even before the referendum. You only needed to see what else just about every single one of the loudest pro-Brexit voices had advocated over the years to see that Brexit […]

  • Phil #11
    It does seem that right wing thinking is mostly for the here and now
    It is also entirely for the here and “me”.

  • Phil #7

    That is such an important point.

    It is also what makes it so ironic that, on the whole, the people who rage most about immigration are also the very ones who rage most about the International […]

  • Alan #35
    I see that abusive and dangerous cult leaders are still managing to recruit gullible followers!
    Astonishing, really, isn’t it? Life can be hard and many people are really struggling, so I can understand […]

  • Have just come across this rather splendid quote from Kurt Vonnegut, in Man without a Country:

    For some reason, the most vocal Christians among us never mention the Beatitudes (Matthew 5). But, often with tears […]

  • Marco commented on the post, BOOK CLUB 3 weeks, 3 days ago

    Michael #106

    Great overview there, Michael – thank you.

    The only Koestler I’ve read is Darkness at Noon, which is one of the most shattering representations of Stalinist totalitarianism you could imagine. […]

  • Hazmat

    I had no difficulty understanding what eejit wrote, or getting the point he was making. When someone’s been posting for a long time it’s not reasonable to expect them to explain exactly where they’re […]

  • We really do, Vicki.

    It’s been coming for months, and we all knew it was coming, so there isn’t quite the same sense of sheer shock there was in the US when Trump was elected, but for all that, many many of us […]

  • Vicki

    It’ll always be the same so long as those in power are such devoted worshippers at the altar of neoliberalism, always putting their goal of continual, never-ending economic growth before every other […]

  • Phil #30
    Brexiteers are old folk in favour of the old ways, when you could properly punish people with death or worse….
    That’s certainly true for a lot of them, and how ironic it is that a rhetoric built on ” […]

  • I do agree, Vicki. It’s definitely the Libertarians in the driving seat here.

    It still always bewilders me, though, just how much overlap there is between the agendas of the Libertarian PACs and the […]

  • A longish and seriously worrying read about “The American dark money behind Europe’s far right” and “the vital role of US Christian conservatives” in the surge of far right, populist parties across Europe pushing […]

  • Nonplused #25


    I remember being very struck by something he wrote in one of his books (though I can’t remember which one now): that dogs have so many more smell receptors than humans do that he […]

  • eejit #1

    I think I share your hope, eejit.

    Of course humans add a whole lot of wonderful things: art, architecture, science, knowledge, literature, music … but those are all things that matter only to […]

  • Vicki #23

    Ha, that is rather satisfying.

    Interesting, too: if anyone had asked me where most of the world’s Bible production was done, I’d never have guessed China.

  • Nicholas #249

    In the scenario of the burning building, most people say they would save the five year old boy over the ten thousand embryos. Okay, I get why. But let’s talk about the danger present but not r […]

  • Marco commented on the post, BOOK CLUB 1 month, 2 weeks ago

    Always the tendency to think it can’t happen here, that there are too many decent Germans to allow truly dreadful acts of violence and persecution to take place, always the trust in the protection supposedly a […]

  • Marco commented on the post, BOOK CLUB 1 month, 2 weeks ago

    Lion Feuchtwanger: The Oppermanns (original German title: Die Geschwister Oppermann)

    Exactly a month ago the Financial Times published an opinion piece about two novels written in the 1930s that should be […]

  • Marco commented on the post, BOOK CLUB 1 month, 2 weeks ago

    So glad, Phil! There are some books that quite simply give the reader a different lens through which to see the world – this, for me, was definitely one of them.

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