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    This isn’t a recommendation – it’s an anti-recommendation, in fact – but Last Days in Old Europe: Trieste ’79, Vienna ’85, Prague ’89 by Richard Bassett has left me with thoughts whirling round my head, albeit […]

  • On reflection, I think the usual word for ‘imbecilification’ is ‘dumbing down’.

    And if that isn’t the perfect example of imbecilification, I don’t know what is 😀

  • Alan #20

    Yes, I saw that too. The complacency and cowardice of our parliamentarians is beyond belief. They can always find an excuse for doing the wrong thing.

  • Not just American, Laurie. It’s also the UK’s Leave voters to a T.

    I’ve always said that the Leave vote in June 2016 was the culmination of 40 years determined effort on the part of the UK’s self-serving […]

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    A brilliant howl of despair here about the state of the Anglo (US, UK) world:

    Hard to pick a single highlight, but maybe this:

    Can anyone really deny by now that Anglo societies are the world’s greatest h […]

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    Hello Vindsvalr, and welcome.

    You’re clearly going through a really tough time right now – tougher than most of us here can imagine. I’m so sorry, and I really do hope this turns out to be a temporary setba […]

  • Tolulupe #6
    I have seen some persons disappear from a state and appear somewhere else entirely immediately.
    No, you haven’t.
    These aren’t illusions. 
    Yes, they are.

  • It’s a weird thing, but the more people pitch up here with lengthy posts ‘justifying’ (sic) this appalling intrusion, the more utterly repellent I find it.

    People’s relationships are private. The sexual aspect […]

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    Michael #44

    I’m glad you’ve moved the discussion onto fiction (even if much of Koestler’s work reads like journalism).

    His Darkness at Noon is one of the most searing books I’ve ever read: a truly […]

  • A post on a Facebook page called “The Christian Left”:

    “The unborn” are a convenient group of people to advocate for. They never make demands of you; they are morally uncomplicated, unlike the incarcerated, […]

  • Phil, #50

    Faith is for when you fuck up Wisdom.
    Charity is for when you fuck up Justice, and
    Hope is for when you fuck up Everything.



  • Michael, #4

    Good post, Michael. We too easily forget those who struggled and suffered to give us the freedoms and protections we have today. And I have to say, even now the US still has a LONG way to go before […]

  • You’re absolutely right, Eejit.

    And in a UK context, the driver of fascism is years of austerity, ensuring that the extreme pain of the financial crisis has been borne overwhelmingly by the poorest in […]

  • Olgun, just so you know I’m not ignoring you, I won’t get chance to reply properly today, but will try to do so tomorrow or Sunday. (But to reassure you in the meantime: no, I’m not an artist myself! Just a very […]

  • Forgive me, Olgun, but that sounds like nothing more than your personal prejudice talking. It is like someone who has never taken the trouble to learn the basics of science dismissing it out of hand as “boring and […]

  • No, Olgun, of course you’re not cold, and I want to apologise to you too, because, ironically, I realise my last comment was too heated.

    I am simply frustrated by comments, not just here, that seem to suggest […]

  • Olgun

    The cultural value of Notre Dame is not determined either by how TV journalists cover the story or, Michael, by what is kept inside it or even what it is used for.

    And Olgun, I would suggest you are […]

  • Goodness, Olgun, you are grouchy.

    I’ve just checked, and the Notre Dame fire even made it to the front page of the Singapore-based Straits Times. Actually – *checks again* – it even got an editorial in the […]

  • Olgun,

    I’m not at all surprised to read that that’s how you feel – I’m quite sure there will be many, many people who agree with you. And I can absolutely see where you’re coming from: it’s a perfectly valid […]

  • Yes, the fire is inherently tragic, but it turns out that things could have been quite a lot worse.

    I understand that the French fire service has a protocol for fires in buildings of enormous cultural […]

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