• Olgun, just so you know I’m not ignoring you, I won’t get chance to reply properly today, but will try to do so tomorrow or Sunday. (But to reassure you in the meantime: no, I’m not an artist myself! Just a very […]

  • Forgive me, Olgun, but that sounds like nothing more than your personal prejudice talking. It is like someone who has never taken the trouble to learn the basics of science dismissing it out of hand as “boring and […]

  • No, Olgun, of course you’re not cold, and I want to apologise to you too, because, ironically, I realise my last comment was too heated.

    I am simply frustrated by comments, not just here, that seem to suggest […]

  • Olgun

    The cultural value of Notre Dame is not determined either by how TV journalists cover the story or, Michael, by what is kept inside it or even what it is used for.

    And Olgun, I would suggest you are […]

  • Goodness, Olgun, you are grouchy.

    I’ve just checked, and the Notre Dame fire even made it to the front page of the Singapore-based Straits Times. Actually – *checks again* – it even got an editorial in the […]

  • Olgun,

    I’m not at all surprised to read that that’s how you feel – I’m quite sure there will be many, many people who agree with you. And I can absolutely see where you’re coming from: it’s a perfectly valid […]

  • Yes, the fire is inherently tragic, but it turns out that things could have been quite a lot worse.

    I understand that the French fire service has a protocol for fires in buildings of enormous cultural […]

  • I could not have been any more grief-stricken at the sight of Notre Dame in flames last night if I had been the devoutest of Christians rather than openly atheist.

    The fact that it is a site of religious worship […]

  • Be my guest, Olgun!

    Also: Sky News have just reported that the civil service has been instructed to stand down No Deal Brexit operational planning. I haven’t been this smiley for nearly three years.

  • Unlike the UK, where sovereignty rests with Parliament and not the people, Switzerland has a deeply enshrined commitment to direct democracy and therefore holds a LOT of referendums, on all sorts of issues.

    Now, […]

  • Continuing the theme, there’s an excellent article in today’s Irish Independent.

    I think that, back in 2014 when we last had an independence referendum in Scotland, people outside Scotland (and 55% of people […]

  • Good question, Cairsley.
    The honest answer is that I don’t know. Personally, I voted No in the last indyref but am now passionately Yes. Brexit has changed everything for me: not JUST the shock of the result and […]

  • Arch-Brexiteer Jacob Rees-Mogg has this morning tweeted:

    If a long extension leaves us stuck in the EU we should be as difficult as possible. We could veto any increase in the budget, obstruct the putative EU […]

  • Oh no … now the Indicative Votes are back to tomorrow again, apparently.

    Chaos? What chaos?

  • More seriously, it now looks as if Thursday, not Wednesday, will be push-comes-to-shove day. But time is really, really short now. If we don’t get a breakthrough on Thursday, it increasingly looks as if it’s going […]

  • Olgun

    There was a PLOT? If only 🙁

  • Would I be right in assuming you’re referring to the ongoing Brexit fiasco, Paul?

    I have been very struck on both the Indicative Votes days so far that the debates themselves have been, for the most part, […]

  • John Turner #474

    You might like to ask yourself why, on encountering an account of a woman’s experiences that clearly comes as a shock to you, your immediate assumption is that the woman concerned is either […]

  • Olgun #156
    Nature always does the trick.
    It does indeed. Best therapy there is. The combination of walking + greenery and (hopefully) fresh air is incredibly restorative.

    Being deeply concerned about the […]

  • … Though on second thoughts, that’s fascism for you, I suppose. Inherently expansionist.

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