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    Greetings from a fellow Stephen Potter fan … not only does this confound the tyranny of entirely-groundless hosiery chirality, but also presents a splendid wrong-clothesmanship ploy. Why bother with cogent argument when one’s opponent can be discombobulated by a simple sartorial distraction?

    But there’s the danger of political metaphor. Are you…[Read more]

  • Of all the extraordinary things in this extraordinary universe, little is more extraordinary than the plasticity of the human brain. Dawkins’ brain: heal thyself!

    Please get well soon Richard. Look around the w […]

  • Crikey: I just heard about this.
    Get well Richard!
    I suppose if anyone can afford to lose a bit of cerebral tissue/function, you can. There’s plenty more where that came from 🙂
    Take care (and try sleeping s […]