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    I and many of my friends figured out that religion was bunk without reading a book (except the Bible!) I had first doubts in the sixth grade but clung to the beliefs until freshman year in college for fear that Hell might be real. Suddenly I realized that although I had prayed hard all my teenage years (and I prayed correctly – not for a fancy…[Read more]

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    As a science-loving advocate of GMO labeling, I resent that! Testing has shown that GMO products won’t kill people in the immediate future. There has been no testing that I know of to show that the proliferation of GMO products has nothing to do with the increased incidence of food allergy.

    I have Celiac disease and cannot eat wheat or anything…[Read more]

  • What about “The Happy Heretic”, Judith Hayes? There’s at least one other female atheist blogger out there. And hey, I’m a woman, just not a famous one.

    IMO, free speech is the most important issue for all […]

  • Maybe we are defining group selection differently, and maybe I don’t understand Wilson or Haidt, but here’s my reply:

    If it is true that prehuman and human groups whose members cooperated to the extent that they […]