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  • Shadowmind #35.

    In my younger days, I was a very active member of an industrial union.  My father before me was a union member.  In those days, a 40 hour a week job provided a living wage for the wage earner a […]

  • Marco #26.Thanks for the link to the article in Current Affairs. It’s nice to have that kind of data. As LaurieB states, the key is democracy and a strong independent labor movement. Just from personal e […]

  • Alan:  “Emergency ambulance pick-ups are free.”  That’s a good point.  I just checked my plan and learned that it provides that I would pay nothing for service for “accidental injury” and 15 percent of the pl […]

  • Marco #20.  Thanks for that information.  I would say that the cost of your insurance is reasonable.  Its neither free nor prohibitively expensive.  But the best part is that having paid your taxes and ins […]

  • I would like to know what it costs to participate in a National Health Service in UK, Canada, New Zealand, Australia, or any other country that has a good system.  Are the premiums a percentage of payroll taxes, […]

  • Marco #14.  I’m curious about the length of time it takes in UK for a major medical event.  I’ll use my situation as my starting point and ask if you have an idea if the time frame would be comparable where you a […]

  • Health care is a subject I’ve take a real interest in lately.  In July I discovered I needed an anterior cervical discectomy and fusion.  The surgery took place August 29 — total success.  I have a good group he […]

  • In the section:  Elizabeth Warren Was Asked About Her Plan to Protect “the Rights of Atheists  It seems like the discussion is drifting toward health care.  Rather than posting these comments there, I thoug […]

  • To Be # 53, November discussion:  

    in response to what I had written earlier, you wrote:  “I don’t need to “assume” Jesus was a real person, any more than I need to assume that Caesar Augustus, Buddha, Gandhi, H […]

  • My remark in #68 about bee vision sparked my curiosity and memories so I did a little digging.  In Bee Culture, The Magazine of American Beekeeping, https://www.beeculture.com/bees-see-matters/, I found a good […]

  • Regarding bees:  When I was younger, I kept 50 or so hives of bees and I worked with a friend who had an equal number.  I learned that bee’s compound eyes perceive light differently than ours do. For example, whe […]

  • To be #44, I hope you’re having a good time testing your ideas and making me test mine in a public forum. The reason I write again is that something you wrote jumped out at me as I reread your post. You wrote t […]

  • To be, you write:  “I think it’s evident to each individual what is truth, and what is error through sound reasoning.”  For me truth is established through the scientific method wherein  hypotheses are tested, […]

  • To be # 37. I agree totally with what Has been said above.  I would just add the following thought(s):

    In your paragraph 2, you state:  “A mere statement of “there is no God” does not prove there is no God sim […]

  • This point may have been address above, if so, I apologize, but is it possible that we haven’t seen any major evolutionary changes within our species because we are so young?  I understand that homo sapiens ha […]

  • Lizardking:  Like you, I have an insatiable curiosity about evolution and this site is an excellent source of information about evolution and other scientific topics. There are a lot of good books on the subject, […]

  • Lloyd Dettering # 23.  You write that you “… believe that Jesus was the wisest man and scientist that ever lived in the history of the world…”  You are certainly entitled to believe what you want, but, since you […]

  • Michael Rohde ## 309, 310:  You note that the purpose of the electoral college is to “prevent the tyranny of the majority.”  I assume that you can provide some historical authority for that statement, but I just […]

  • Thanks Alan. I mentioned the source specifically so that if it was not credible, someone would say something. I see the Daily Mail from time to time on Apple News, but this is the first headline that caught my […]

  • There was an interesting item in the Apple news application this morning, from Daily Mail about the Pope of Rome. The story, written by Amelia Wynne, claims:

    “Eugenio Scalfari, 95, a frequent papal interviewer, s […]

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