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    “We might judge one religion to be better than another, but notice what we are doing. When we judge a religion, we are applying a standard outside of the religion. We are assuming a framework against which religious teachings and practices can be measured. That standard is the harm principle.”

    Then you go on to apply to religion a standard…[Read more]

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    The following is a list of secular psychotherapies that are regarded as harmful: critical incident stress debriefing, facilitated communication, recovered-memory techniques, boot camps for conduct disorder, attachment therapy, dissociative identity disorder-oriented psychotherapy, grief counselling for normal bereavement and…[Read more]

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    This could just as easily be reported as a story about the abuses of medical science. But we all know this is not a story about religion or science. It is the story of one man and his crimes against innocent and desperate people. It is simply convenient for those who wish to look at what is called a church and then talk as though this is typical…[Read more]

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