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    Wow, so tempting, really. I can agree to Marco!

    I didn’t read The Selfish Gene yet but I planned to do it.

    And of course I’m very interested in all that involves women. My disappointment in […]

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    Thank you, I meant that I don’t understand at once but I do it later. It’s like solving a problem 🙂

    But the question I have: what would you advice to read next? I have common knowledge about evolution […]

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    Sometimes I read books on evolutionary biology. This time it was “The Blind Watchmaker” by Richard Dawkins, and I have to say, there are still some things I don’t understand at once. But it’s very interesting. I […]

  • LaurieB

    Thank you.

    I hope there will be more and more people rejecting their religions and choosing atheism together with humanism. And they all find support.

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  • Ilayda

    I’m glad for you. I myself was blinded by Islamic religion being 20 years old, and I’ve spent 12 years of my life sitting at home and refusing from even those rights I could have.

    So I’m very glad […]

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    I am depressed, but I don’t give up. You’ll never make me do it.

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    Sometimes I feel bitterness. I remember everything good that religion meant to me, and I even think that I’d better stay on that way. But then I every time realize that it’s weakness to wish to be blinded. It’s like wishing to be an alcoholic.
    There’s still something good. Somewhere. It’s not related to any gods. And once I’ll find it.

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    Thanks to the book “God Delusion” I found my way to atheism. You know when you try to recover from religion somebody or something must help at some moments. So Richard Dawkins and his book helped me.

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