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    phil rimmer

    Yes, the idea of emotional granularity is great. But there are so many good ideas that it was difficult for me to name just one or two.

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    Found How Emotions Are Made by Lisa Barrett a very interesting book. Read it with great pleasure especially some of the chapters. Also Lisa’s manner of sharing the information with the readers is very nice. You […]

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    phil rimmer

    Thank you for the recommendation! I also heard about such a book as Habits Of A Happy Brain by Loretta Breuning. Will it be helpful for me? Yes, I’d like to ask an advice because there are so many b […]

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    phil rimmer

    We desperately need to expand our horizons. Though there are people who try to turn back to the past I believe in the future of science.

    Not so long ago I read also Behave by Robert Sapolsky, a […]

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    Gina Rippon is brilliant! Writing so many interesting things! I didn’t know most of them. Of course Rippon considers many different researches and pays very great attention at little children and their brains. […]

  • Read “The End Of Faith” by Sam Harris. Such a pity I didn’t read this book in 2006, when some processes in my brain made me believe in god. But now there’s no use from crying over it.


    Now I’m in the process […]

  • Laurie B

    Thank you for the recommendation. I didn’t find this book in Russian, that’s sad. But I hope there will be a translation later. It would be hard to read in English, honestly. Though I used to read […]

  • Laurie B

    Glad to come back, too 🙂

    I’m still in Karachaevo-Cherkessiya, Russia. We have virus here and there are people who are infected but we don’t know how many are they. It’s a little town and some people […]

  • Laurie B


    Sorry, I couldn’t come here for 15 days. I can say that I’m a “waging atheist”, even “anti-theist”, because I see religion as one of the main tools of oppressing women. Especially Islam I’ve […]

  • Have read Robert Sapolsky. BEHAVE: The Biology of Humans at Our Best and Worst.

    Liked it very much. It makes clear many things, it tells about people and animals, about many experiments made by scientists. […]

  • Both of these comments go far to explain the mind of the devout believer
    Yes. So if you have questions about Muslims and their ways of thinking and doing in the land I live, you can ask me.

    The interesting thing […]

  • but I’d like to discuss more specific differences in the lives of women around the world based on the religion that happens to be dominant in different locations, if you like
    Well I can say here life is based m […]

  • Why in the world would we want to be forced to live with ideas that we now consider to be cruel, oppressive and rigidly unchangeable?!

    Unfortunately, the mind of a religious person is different from the mind of […]

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    So, my answer is here:

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    Feel so desperate.
    Everyone around me is talking just about money-money-money. I know that without money you can’t get anything. But one can think about something else! I am deeply sorry that I lost so many time and now can’t go and learn biology and chimie in a university. Where, hmm, can I get money to do it?

  • P. S.

    As for discrepancy in the case when Muslims exalt the prophet and at the same time insist that he was just a man, I’m sure they even don’t understand what you mean. It is common that believers who think […]

  • The answer to Laurie.

    Links from the beginning of the off-topic to the end of it:


    So I suppose, the real discussion on freedoms should be – Where should we set those legal limits?

    It is where Mu […]

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    Give me please a link and I’ll write there from now on 🙂

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    Thank you 🙂

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    My big big comment disappeared but I’ll try to write about the basic points again.

    Yes the freedom of speech has two sides. On the one, you can hear something you’d never want to hear, and on the other, without […]

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