• @Pat If you want to contact Richard Dawkins you could try doing it via Twitter where he still occasionally tweets. Or he has an official Facebook page so a message via there would probably get to him. Or his […]

  • For those interested in the detail of Australia politics there is a list here of not just the four MPs who voted against but also those who abstained.

  • A great day for LGBTQI Australian’s but I just feel embarrassed and a little depressed it took so long. We are just about the last of the English speaking countries to make this simple and necessary extension of […]

  • Alan4discussion #14

    Over several trials, this concludes that around 70% of all zygotes
    fail to be carried to term.

    This has the interesting outcome that the vast majority of souls in Catholic Heaven […]

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    Thanks for that BBC link Alan. But it contradicts the article above

    This second mission, on a brand new Falcon, occurred on the West
    Coast, from the Vandenberg Air Force Base.

    I haven’t seen any other reports of both Falcon’s being reused. I wonder if New Scientist stuffed up.

    Perhaps SpaceX should start naming the Falcon’s so we know…[Read more]

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    I gave you a like because I agreed with what you said not because I “liked” what you said 🙁

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    In one sense this may end up being the best outcome for liberals.

    More women will be abused in all sorts of ways. The world has a POTUS who wants to use nuclear weapons. More pro-choice judges in the SCOTUS. National Parks destroyed. Climate change accelerated. Yep looking good.

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    Monkeys with spinal cord damage that paralyzed one leg

    Let’s just be clear. This was spinal cord damage caused deliberately by the researchers.

    The research was conducted with collaborators in China, Dr. Courtine
    said, because Swiss restrictions on animal experiments at the time
    would not allow the work.

    Sort of animal rendition I guess.

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    So why not post the image of the 3d model rather than some random graffiti artist (yes I know where the quote is from) ?

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    @fadeordraw There is an “Other” box you can write anything in but it gets coded in the census as not defined and hence diminishes the “no religion” count.

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    Worth ignoring the catchy title and looking at the article which you can get for free by following the New York Time link. It’s quite short. The abstract covers it nicely:

    In this article, we address the cosmic frequency of technological
    species. Recent advances in exoplanet studies provide strong
    constraints on all astrophysical terms in…

    [Read more]

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    For the seriously obsessive you can buy socks with the day of the week on the bottom. Then you really have to search the sock drawer. The ones I have the week days are basically black and the weekends coloured.

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    Let’s hope she doesn’t end up like Aaron Swartz

    Probably a good idea if she never travels to the US.

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    For me that is a deeply disturbing image. Have we actually learnt enough from this experiment to justify this ? It seems we have learnt the not particularly surprising result that tapping into the brain works better than electrodes on the scalp. I’d like to see publications like this be required to publish their ethical justifications as well…[Read more]

  • Interesting. The jet lag will still suck though.

  • Have a look at the hundreds of videos on YouTube from people who have sent cameras up high on weather balloons. Are all these people really part of the Illuminati round earth conspiracy ?
    Look at a city with high […]