• I wonder if they’ve considered that this also allows an Athiest councillor to convert the irrational religious client away from religion.


  • Would the same argument have been made by the judge if the cake had been called a celebration cake and have been used in a civil union or for an anniversary? It being a wedding cake seemed to make it a special […]

  • I read that Trump is not lying as this would imply that he knows or cares about the truth. Instead he doesn’t care about truth one way or another on any subject … But cares only about his simple projected […]

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    “Our true identity, as male and female persons, is given by God.”
    Unprovable statement regarding a fallacious concept of true identity given by a fictitious actor derived from within a loose collection of rewritten fable story books. Can’t get a first statement any less meaningful and more nonsensical.

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    So that’s where Trump got that statement from! … His paster and bible group.

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    Arguing a scientific issue by two team debate assumes there are only two sides worthy of arguing and that the outcome of the debate indicates anything regarding the state of science on the subject. I do worry though that the weight of the Climate Change argument is more and more being portrayed as a number of scientists game. The end to end…[Read more]

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    I find this sad and hilarious at the same time. These poor women are more concerned about the judgements of their parents and communities than they are their god who knows and sees all. Does it matter if they are unwedded mothers when they are supposedly going to hell for for any and all of these actions? They can’t be too concerned about the…[Read more]

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    I don’t see how Creationism could ever be presented as a scientific view without being legally challenged as to its categorisation as such. If it was presented it should be as an example of a scientifically unsupportable view such that the children can be taught how to identify this and highlight it as such. I hope the more progressive teachers…[Read more]

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    I like it as a personal philosophy but would like it more if it had some emphasis on primary actors in this Universe being sentient beings. With intelligence and the ability of an entity to enact their will being the defence against entropy.