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    The title of the article focuses the issue on public prayer, but the thing that makes me the most uncomfortable is simply knowing that I’m living in the midst of many people who belong to a cult that worships human sacrifice.

    If I had children, and I killed one of them and invited my neighbors over to drink the blood and eat the body of one of…[Read more]

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    No need to be bugged. Having faith in nothing can be a profound experience, on several levels.

    The meditative approach is available. There is an emptiness within, a nothingness … having faith in that nothingness, trusting it, is a foundation of meditative experience.

    The scientific approach is also available, thanks to Lawrence Krauss. He…[Read more]

  • Happy to see an update from you! I scan twitter at least once a day to see how you are doing …

  • Dear Richard,

    Very concerned to hear you had a stroke and wanted to send you my very best wishes. Your contribution to the cause of promoting science and reason has been very significant in this world, surely […]