• @Dan #317

    That’s a child’s idea of (the concept of) eternity, frankly.

    Not a sophisticated vision of heaven at all.
    Anyone giving it any thought at all would come to the conclusion that living forever wou […]

  • Hi Alan #7

    Thank you very much for the snippet on lead. More ammunition on my endless quest of debunking superstitious thinking when it comes to health and remedies.

  • The national department of education said the ruling was consistent with its own policy that no one religion should be promoted above another, South Africa’s Independent Online reports.

    A wise ruling and one […]

  • I’ll need to cast an eye over the other articles . I’m sure something will either take my fancy or provoke my ire.

  • Hi LaurieB. Glad to see you upholding the values of secularism and rationality from a female perspective. We’re still outnumbered!

  • Hi Phil. Nice to catch up. The Christmas period seems to bring out the ‘unbeliever’ in me! Maybe this is brought about by an excess of pious sentiment on display.

    Not so much in the UK I hear, with over 50% cla […]

  • Great article. Thanks for providing more fodder to be used in the event of argument with an advocate for alternative remedies. Never hurts to have a few more facts up one’s sleeve. Not that they’ll be deterred of […]

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    In reply to Richard #3

    Typos forgiven, (though they do read rather strangely).

    The thing is, in order to respect one’s holy book, we’d like it to contain elements above and beyond the understandings of the times. Simply giving an account of mythology as it was, presents nothing out of the ordinary as there was no shortage of such stories….or…[Read more]

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    Dan #9

    You have mediocre criminals you get mediocre cops*.

    I see your point. Much prefer sophisticated criminals bearing sophisticated arguments myself! ;-)) This discussion has given me cause to think of the Terrence Malick interpretation of heaven in film The Tree of Life. He’s an extremely sophisticated criminal himself, though depicts…[Read more]

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    Were all the mundane activities that comprise our day to day life to be rendered unnecessary, what would we have left? Is this a condition in which to aspire? Of course those with a belief in an afterlife would probably suggest an existence on some higher plane; the endless bliss of being in His presence, though this would be an obvious…[Read more]

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    Alan4discussion #77

    Indeed so! In the UK, a Muslim school friend of my daughter, on leaving school, had a marriage to a rich Pakistani in Pakistan arranged by her family, – and there was an almighty row when she refused to go!
    Prior to that deep-rooted culture re-emerging, the family APPEARED to be semi-normally integrated into British s…

    [Read more]

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    Alan4Discussion #78

    I think these would be the ones described as High Control as mentioned in the comment to Reckless above. What I failed to mention, was the fact that they have a far higher incidence of child abuse. This is possibly linked to the amount of power in the hands of the clergy/elders.

    This is not unknown to me. I probably heard it…[Read more]

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    Reckless Monkey #73

    I’ll be looking out for comments from someone with the initials D S.

    I was recently at a talk given by a former JW. He described religions that impinge on the daily life of observers as High Control. Mormonism would fall into this category, as would Orthodox Judaism, Islam, Catholicism and Jehovah’s Witnesses of course.…[Read more]

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    Phil Rimmer #61

    The religious correlation is consistent without being causal.>

    Yes Phil. It would appear that the greater correlation is one of regional significance, though once an idea takes hold an arms race can gather momentum especially if it’s seen to affect the marriageability of the female offspring. The regions shown here include…[Read more]

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    Hi Reckless. # 55

    I’ve just this moment sent off a reply to Phil, though it seems to have disappeared. I hope it returns in time and it’s just detoured for moderation or some such.

    As I recall you live in the north, somewhere near Stradbroke Is? It’s possible that you have fewer occasions to rub shoulders with Muslims than I do here in…[Read more]

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    It’s with some trepidation that I dare to voice my objections to the prevailing view here, as a member of the namby-pamby, regressive left who thinks that now isn’t the time to stoke the fires of anti-Islamist sentiment.

    That isn’t to say that I consider Islam of any merit at all however, it’s certainly no worse than any other religion when…[Read more]