• So for me, we don’t have to imagine how people thought thousands of years ago because it is happening now

    Thanks very much Olgun. The most pertinent point I’ve heard so far. If people are capable of bel […]

  • @166 Reckless Monkey

    BTW sorry also that I did not get back re the Jordan Peterson podcasts. I’ve still not watched all four. He’s a very slippery character and his style of argument leaves me perplexed. I pre […]

  • @154 Hi Olgun.

    Thanks very much. I’ll read through this along with the link given to me by Reckless. In your opinion, would there be any reason to doubt that these creation myths were taken literally? Any hint o […]

  • @150 Hi Reckless,

    Sorry to have taken so long to reply and the same applies to Olgun. I appreciate your input.

    I imagine the writings referenced were regarding the Mishnaa and Gemara which apparently came into […]

  • My reading of this seems to suggest the written form of Mishnah and Gemara come in the later period CE and has been frequently redacted and the subject of reinterpretation, though as yet I’m not sure how this w […]

  • @ Nitya. Continued.

    My opponents firstly claimed that there was written evidence from Jewish scholars of the times saying that the stories in Genesis were not taken literally and that Biblical literalists are a […]

  • Hi All.

    I hope for further enlightenment on another recently debated topic. As I’ve been unable to find answers with any degree of reliability from other sources RDFRS was my natural port of call.

    During the c […]

  • . Phil # 74
    The second was noting again the invincible power of not taking offence. Resilience is the number one life skill to allow us to keep up the pressure on hateful others, whose only resource seems to […]

  • Alan 4 Discussion #71 & #72

    Don’t you love the delusional “No true Scotsman”denials, of the association of fascist dictators with the RCC!

    Thanks very much for all the information Alan. Great to have […]

  • #64 Also, welcome back

    Hi Steven007.

    I hope this all makes some sort of sense to you. On scrolling through what’s been said and what has not, it may seem like much ado about nothing. My particular gripe is […]

  • Hi All,

    #63 #64 #65 #66

    This is an unbelievably long thread, so I thought it may better to go back to the last comment by Reckless and then work back. Start at his initial requests and you’ll quickly pick u […]

  • Reckless Monkey #59

    Hi Reckless. I just caught up on the latest diatribes. My goodness! Amazingly your courtesy has gone unnoticed. Instead you’ve been accused of sneering, as well as gish gallops and being t […]

  • LaurieB.
    Don’t be a stranger!

    @ #53. It would appear that the heat has gone out of the ‘atheist movement’ as such, though I don’t see that as necessarily a bad thing. Perhaps the novelty has worn off and […]

  • Marco. What a difference it would make to our societies, to public life, to democracy itself, if we could all learn to discuss and debate constructively, rather than simply giving way to rage at every […]

  • Alan,
    Educated rational people ARE a real threat which scares their god-delusions into motivating panic attacks in their enslaved puppet hosts

    Hi Alan. I’m still trying to get my head around the f […]

  • Hi Nitya, Got you message!

    Hi Reckless. Believe me, I had to work in mysterious ways.

    Actually, I’ve been appalled at the degree of venom directed at your comments by three in particular, though there’s a g […]

  • Hi Phil. Nice to chat in a setting that’s not hostile to my very presence. I don’t know the protocol about this sort of cross pollination but it was an attempt to let off steam in a situation where all other ave […]

  • Hi all.

    At a loss regarding where to place my thoughts on a current, troubling situation I decided to come here in the hope of engaging in some rational discussion. At my wit’s, as a matter of fact!

    A RDFRS m […]

  • @Dan #317

    That’s a child’s idea of (the concept of) eternity, frankly.

    Not a sophisticated vision of heaven at all.
    Anyone giving it any thought at all would come to the conclusion that living forever wou […]

  • Hi Alan #7

    Thank you very much for the snippet on lead. More ammunition on my endless quest of debunking superstitious thinking when it comes to health and remedies.

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