• In 1672 Richard Cumberland, Bishop of Peterborough, published his De legibus naturae (On Natural Laws) asserting that the natural order itself furnishes the foundation of both benevolence and rectitude, and not […]

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    Back in the 1860’s in the US there was a man named Boston Corbett. He was walking down the street one day when two prostitutes accosted him and made attempts upon his chastity. He was so shocked by the encounter, and his own reactions to their attentions, that he ran home, took a pair of scissors and castrated himself. Later, after the…[Read more]

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    **”I’ve advised atheists to build a safety net before they come out, as much as they can: to find an atheist community in case they lose their religious one, and to build some savings and get their resumes in order if coming out could mean losing their job.
    For you, that safety net should probably include a plan **to get out of the c…[Read more]

  • We are functionally, and always have been, a secular republic, whether that specific phrase appears in the Constitution or not.

    What is the separation of church and state? It is the separation of sectarian […]