• There is a problem in the world today that worries me very much, the existence of individuals, whose number seems to be increasing, with a huge need to accept fake news and return to the primitive beliefs of […]

  • The law should not allow health workers refuse to assist collectives they dislike. Health companies should dismiss these health workers if they are not prepared to do their job, so before being recruited they […]

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    And that minister has the cheek to ask the media to help him “hunt down” the atheists. The serious and democratic media should send a diplomatic verbal note to this fellow advising him to “F..k off”. In a diplomatic way, of course.

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    If I were an evil-minded person, I would think that Saudi Arabia’s petrodollars are behind the whole affair in order to change KPFA’s editorial line, something similar is doing in Qatar, using harder measures, with Al-Jazeera, but as I am not evil-minded, the only thing I can do is read good literature and quote one of Shakespeare’s many phrases:…[Read more]

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    Like Saudi Arabia with its Morality Police? I doubt it. Perhaps that Church wants a Security service for their premises (school, church and Bible college) but I don’t think they would get a licence to patrol the city streets as it happens in Saudi Arabia. In the USA this would be unconstitutional or at least this is what I think; but so many funny…[Read more]

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    Being religious doesn’t guarantee your children will follow your creed. Many religious families use contraceptives in order to be able to feed their family, taking no notice of what their religious teachings say. Also the advancements of the sciences have an enourmous influence on people from religious backgrounds. A strengthening of religion…[Read more]

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    What is happening today has been developing for more than a decade among the population of the West : economic policies that have led to a strong erosion of the middle classes that have been forming since the end of W W II. Citizens have fallen into total uncertainty because of the political establishment is unable to explain what will happen to…[Read more]

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    That fellow John Kasich should mind in his own business and leave Daniel Radcliffe and the rest of us alone.

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    It seems that the new generations are using democracy and tolerance to practice their own intolerance. Partly the educational centres that allow these whimsical people are to blame. I think that any student incapable to adapt themselves to their new university life should be invited to quit the college only to return when they grow up. As simple…[Read more]

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    I’ve just heard you had а stroke and I am very sorry about it
    I’m very glad it didn’t affect the brain functions.
    I wish and hope you get well as soon as possible. Take care of yourself.

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    According to UC proposal ‘anti-Zionism’ is unacceptable because it is anti-Semitism, ERGO according to UC “anti-Nazism” is unacceptable because it is anti-German and that would discriminate against Germans.
    When I was a 6 year old kid and I was at school I was told that being “anti-Generalissimo Franco” was anti-Spanish and unSpanish, the…[Read more]

  • If Iran wants to return to form part of the International community and be respected by it, it should stop behaving like a childish nation. The Iranian government must demand to the organizations involved in […]

  • I’m extremely sorry you’ve been unwell, you’d better look after yourself and take it easy. We cannot afford to lose a person, a scientist and a free thinker activist like you. It gives me the creeps to think of […]

  • So far no news from the new discovery of gravitational waves which confirms Einstein’s theory.

  • The future exploration and exploitation of the space resources will be a very expensive business and no individual country will be able to undertake this project by its own. I believe that the capitals needed to […]

  • We have known for decades the horrors of genital cutting imposed on Muslim women in Africa and right now, in the second decade of the XXI century, we’ve discovered Indonesia’s best guarded secret. This is like […]

  • It is almost impossible to believe that a Headteacher in the UK has a level of knowledge so low – not only in science but also in language. You can read in any small dictionary, Theory: popularly, a mere […]