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  • Not rambling, Marco. There is a lot of connected material here.

    What seems remarkable to me is how readily we have accepted the new normal of Covid. Had February me been dropped into the diligently masked queue […]

  • I’ve ordered the Naomi Klein The Shock Doctrine.

    I always find reading the reviews of books and films telling. US reviews were split, some thinking it cheap propaganda as their own simplistic ideals were […]

  • For me, Vicki, Timothy is closest. Sure, language is too recent to have affected the genetic configuration of brains, but it is exactly what caused our spectacular  differentiation from the other apes and […]

  • On the cleverness of us, let me just add that the key transformative moment came I believe in the Upper Neolithic and specifically the Aurignacian when I suspect a truly sophisticated language tumbled into […]

  • Timothy,

    My explanation of the sudden jump in apparent brain power is that a number of things came together to facilitate rich culture and that culture is key. Among these things are-

    Brains too big for the […]

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    Still making steady but periodic progress through the Frank Ramsey biography. Its thorough, but full of fascinating philosophical ideas and historical tidbits.

    Just bought

    Natives: Race and Class in the […]

  • Jon may find it easier to gain traction here if he relates his query to an accurate account of those genetic differences.

    Here is the essential Nature paper.

    Where is the specific mistake in this? Or is it a […]

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    Belated Happy Bloomsday, q, and all!

    I must drink a toast to the music of what happens.

    If I’d coined that I could die more than happy.


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    Glad you liked the Lisa Barrett Feldman, Milva. It has a lot of useful ideas in it. I particularly liked the realisation of emotional granularity, especially so as an aspie male. This idea that, like colour […]

  • Like you, Vicki, though hir existence be established, acceptance as my god is very, very much pending.

    It is to be noted though, that existence is a matter of brute fact and not faith.

  • Walsallboy (20/06/14/8:09)

    The labels are mostly signalling “Badges of Goodness”. Most of my old atheist chums in the UK now feel very little need to so signal, not least because they live in a notably and […]

  • Indeed, Marco.
    They get us investing time and energy in articulating responses, only to have those responses ignored or twisted or cherrypicked.
    This seems too often a defining aspect of faithist proselytisers, […]

  • I also agree with Vicky (12th June 6.05am). Nothing is a waste here. Those arguments have their real value with the silent, less committed onlookers. We rarely see minds changed and, I suspect, we rarely see […]

  • Thanks to Marco for some excellent sleuthing.

    I had wondered about the earlier Libertarian pleas to be able to keep “his” money, on this site.

    I think what comes across is quite an ugly mechanistic morality. […]

  • Marco

    a hard right-wing coup
    too right!

    The failing of “Brexit: The Uncivil War” was its failure to identify Cummings’ hard right agenda. He must have love it.


    Good to see you back and sharp post!

  • Mods, thank you, thank you!

  • Jason,

    P1 simply begs the question.

    I would further add, as Wittgentein demonstrated, that metaphysical entities, (like absolute anything), by lacking ostensive demonstration (being able to point to them) […]

  • Another cut-out and keep, Marco. Sweetly said!

  • Jason #46


    I am forced to the conclusion that there is no impersonal entity that has the capacity to enforce ought upon personal beings (like you and me). This leaves me with only one option. A personal en […]

  • Ack! I need longer than ten minutes these days.
    The oppressed males able to covertly conspire against their singular oppressor
    should acknowledge oppressed females equally likely to be part of an effective conspiracy.

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