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  • @Alan4Discussion
    “Kinds” was lifted from a biblical text (written by people ignorant of modern biology) and elaborated into the peudoscience of “baraminology”!
    indeed this is a book that classifies bats as bird […]

  • Jon
    Ill reply to everyone else later after i find find the sources for everyone else’s reply’s
    You’re mistake is in reading only creationist literature, it took me scant effort to track down the thread of dec […]

  • @Jon #191

    Hi Jon,
    While i agree with you about their mission statement and they do sometimes quote mine,
    Why?  If you have any integrity you represent those you disagree with honestly and knock down their […]

  • >Hi Jon  #183,

    Found a paper from the creation institute making the claim about the chimp and human genomes being not as close as the scientific community considers.

    Why was this paper not published in a […]

  • Hi Jon  #183,

    first welcome most on this site are happy to have a debate.  I’m not an expert here Alan4Discussion would probably have the facts close at hand.
    People sometimes claim that we are 96%-98% s […]

  • jsan sanw says: #180

    Welcome, sorry to hear about your childhood trauma and happy you are finding comfort in meditation.

    Have you checked out Sam Harris.  He an atheist very practiced in meditation.  He i […]

  • I’ve recently begun to wonder what kind of chutzpah it must take for people like Jason B to come here – to a site dedicated to science and reason – and think they are going to make converts.
    Might be to repor […]

  • Indeed Vicki,

    I’d turn on a dime but I’d be terrified because all evidence points to the Christian God being a moral monster.


  • Hi WalsallBoy,
    I guess my point is why do people feel the need to label themselves as atheist? I noticed in a post above someone mentioned they consider themselves to be a “devout atheist”. What would this mea […]

  • eejit says: #121

    Hi eejit,  you haven’t upset me, keep the criticism up I may push back if I think you have misunderstood what I’ve said but I may well be wrong and its to my benefit to find out if I am.  I […]

    Hi Jason B, #129
    I think I’ll be leaving it here, not because I’m not happy to keep arguing with a theist believe me I’m happy to do that all day, but fundamentally because your twisting around like anythi […]

  • Jason B #112


    >if you judge theism based upon atheistic presuppositions,

    I don’t have atheistic presumptions. Atheism in my case is simply a rejection of the proposition that those that believe in a God ha […]

  • eejit #106

    I think you are taking me too literally here,  I’m not sure I disagree with you but you seem certain I’m saying something I don’t think I’m saying.

    I have no doubt that many in the past and today […]

    Hi Jason B #95

    I’m a bit knacked tonight in fact I’m pretty knacked in general since we came back to schools opening. But I’ll have a stab at a couple of points.

    The very fact that you believe someth […]

  • eejit I think you may be confusing some of my views with Jason B’s there.  I haven’t edited it very well to I should be using quotes instead of the > to indicate Jason’s but if some of it’s mine of course I […]

    Hi Jason B. #87
    Glad we can continue to debate this.
    I’ll get on to your specific comments to me in a bit but I found this reply of yours about and wanted to add a couple of thoughts.
    >This is the entire po […]

    Jason B #76,

    I may not have time to fully address this as I have to get ready for work soon but I’ll have a quick stab and maybe come back this arvo and have another crack at it.

    >Before I do, though, le […]

  • >Concerning my syllogism, everyone seems to take issue with the first premise, which is what I expected. I have spent the past six days attempting to provide support for P1. It is possible that I have failed due […]

  • Jason B,

    >This, of course, pushes me beyond naturalism; but I am okay with that as I accept the existence of certain non-material things like the truth that 2+2=4. This mathematical equation is true independent […]

  • Jason B,

    Your arrogance is astounding!  The argument if it has degenerated has only done so because you haven’t addressed our points. You seem instead to be more impressed by making arguments of the basis of […]

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