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    “The intrinsically weak federal role was a source of frustration for Mr. Obama and his aides, but now it will work to the benefit of environmental advocates” Typical NY Times BS. Obama’s problem was that he had a Congress that obstructed everything he tried to do. Trump won’t have that problem. Even many Democrats are what are called “Blue Dogs”…[Read more]

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    Statistically, my research establishes that attacks on civilians actually lower the likelihood of government concessions

    That’s too narrow a definition of what terrorists are after. There are times when terrorism clearly works. One of the issues is that when it works and some organization wins then they re-write history and the terrorists…[Read more]

  • Haven’t commented here in a long while but wanted to stop by and say I wish you a speedy recovery and all the best. You’ve made an immense difference in my life. Your books enabled me to really understand the […]

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    Along this vein, several years ago I enjoyed the book The Evolution of God by Robert Wright. He gives a few chapters to primitive societies and the […]

  • I guess you have a point but I wonder what purpose a discussion like this has. i mean it’s obvious you don’t believe in god and neither do I so it’s kind of like a discussion that starts off “if Copernicus was […]