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    Dear Sidney

    Thank you for your wonderful and inspiring letter. I’m interested that the girl you spoke to was so upset when she saw what is really in the Bible. You might like to show her, and others at your school, a book by my friend Dan Barker. It’s called God, the Most Unpleasant Character in all Fiction. What Mr Barker did was take the first…[Read more]

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    Bulldogs, and some other breeds of dog, are now mostly incapable of giving birth naturally, following many generations of caesarian births and pedigree breeding for peculiar characteristics.

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    Beth Loftus is a true hero: valiant fighter for civil justice and scientific truth in the face of violent threats; clear-headed, honest thinker in the face of pseudoscientific charlatans and mercenary lawyers. Congratulations to her on winning the John Maddox Prize.


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    It is, of course, true that smart TVs allow you to switch on subtitles as an option. But that misses the point I’m trying to make. I’m not advocating subtitles per se. I’m advocating banning the voice-over. This of course makes subtitles necessary for many of us. But simply ADDING subtitles, when the sound channel is already polluted by…[Read more]

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    There seems to be some doubt (Comment #16) as to whether I was right to say Farida Khalaf is not her real name. Maybe the US edition says something different, but the Kindle edition that I bought from Amazon says the following at the beginning, under “AUTHOR’S NOTE”:

    Farida Khalif is not my real name, and I am not the girl pictured on the…

    [Read more]

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    I’m extremely sorry if I sometimes seem dismissive when signing books. I really REALLY don’t intend it. I have to balance courtesy to the person who has reached the front of the queue with courtesy to those still waiting in line. The longer the line, the more I worry about the people still waiting. The problem has got measurably worse since the…[Read more]

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    I’d be interested to hear how readers of our site react to LaurieB’s observation (Comment #5). Especially people who were either at the Reason Rally or who took a decision to stay away.

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    Copies of the Second Edition will be on sale in advance of the official publication date.
    We’ll both be signing books afterwards.


  • Having finished Carl Sagan’s lovely Cosmos series, I’m now embarked on Neil deGrasse Tyson’s remake. Wonderful, so far (1st five episodes). Tyson is a worthy a successor to the great Sagan (Carolyn Porco is the […]

  • Back to Carl Sagan’s Cosmos and “the human journey from genes to brains to books” . . . to computers. What a thought-stirrer that man was.

  • Thank you for the Bach played on the recorder (#191). That girl is very talented. I wish my fingers could move so fast. Here’s the same thing played on pan pipes, which looks even more difficult:

    Is he holding […]

  • More David Attenborough. All his films are sheer delight. I learn so much and am made to think so much.

    I really have only one complaint to level against these splendid films. He plays fast and loose with the […]

  • More David Attenborough documentaries filling my invalid days.

    There are not many reasons to be proud of my country, but the BBC Natural History Unit in Bristol stands out as an undeniable one. If the licence fee […]

  • There is no “current vogue for Group Selection” unless you think two people coincidentally both called Wilson collectively amount to a “vogue”.

  • I feel fortunate that my stroke waited until Yan Wong and I had just finished the (substantial) work on the Second Edition of The Ancestor’s Tale. Also lucky I had finished writing my new Introductions to the a […]

  • Now well into (the original, Carl Sagan’s own) Cosmos. What a wonderful poet, and prophet, he was. Reminiscent of Jacob Bronowski, but with better pictures. Just listen to this, after extolling the humbling […]

  • Now just finished watching another BBC science documentary, Episode 5 of David Eagleman’s series on The Brain: “Why do I need you?” and it prompts me to enlarge on my previous post. (about the Irish actor). John […]

  • Still bingeing on science documentaries. Nice one on the annual flooding of he Okavango Delta, Produced by the BBC Natural History Unit in Bristol (So why narrated in a strong, but not unpleasant, Irish accent? […]

  • All the doctors are confident I shall make a complete recovery, but all say it will take time. Thank you for the many good wishes.

  • I’ve been watching more episodes of David Attenborough’s Life Story.

    I suspect that some of the scenes are not only new to TV but new to science. During a drought, old experienced chimp leads troop on long trek […]

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